Andiappan Yoga Community App – Frequently Asked Questions For Yoga Students

Frequently Asked Questions for Students Attending the Classes

I have registered as a student to attend the class, How to login in the AYC app?

Please choose ” I am a Yoga Student” option in the app and Please use the same login credentials sent to you by email. If you have forgotten your login details use the password reset function to reset your password and login into the app.

I have already registered as a yoga student in the AYC app. I forgot my password or my current password is not working. How to reset the password?

Go to the app page

  1. Choose ” I am a student” option,
  2. Choose “forgot password” in this screen,
  3. Enter your email address which you used to register in the app.
  4. Check your email and you will be taken to a page to reset your password.
  5. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive the email within 5 mins.

How to register my class attendance?

  1. Login to the AYC app
  2. Go to the Class Attendance Page
  3. Select the project you have attended
  4. Take a photo of the class with you in it or upload the group picture that you took with the teacher or the group photo you took at the end.
  5. Once the photo is uploaded your attendance is recorded.
  6. The admin will verify approve your attendance and you will receive a pop-up notification once the attendance is approved.

Ps: please make sure your attendance image shows that you are attending the class or have a group photo with othe students or teachers attended that class. Uploading random photos will not get approved.

I want to signup for other projects through the app, Can I do it?

Yes, you can go to the MyProject Page in the app and Select Join New Project and after selecting the project you are interested to join click submit. You will receive an email confirmation and you can start attending classes and register attendance for that project.

I have completed my first milestone. How to get my reward?

Once you have completed the milestone, you will receive an email with details about how to get your rewards. Please wait for at least 2 days for the admin to process your reward and contact you by email.

Any particular specification about the photo upload for the attendance?

Please make sure you take a picture of you in a yoga pose on the date of the attendance. You can upload a picture of you attending the class or a picture with the teacher or the group picture you took at the end of the class.

I registered my teaching attendance but it is not displaying in the list of classes I attended, How to fix it?

please send us an email to and we will check and update it from the admin end. If you have uploaded a photo that is not clear or not during the class the admin may have rejected that attendance. So please make sure you take a photo with a teacher or the group photo at the end of the class.

Can I register the class attendance for the past dates?

We recommend you register your attendance on the same date of the class. however, you are able to register the attendance for the past classes from Jan 2019 and we will verify it and approve it.

What other functions does the app have?

Through the app, you can perform and know below updates

  1. Update your student photo, profile, contact information etc
  2. You can share your class attendance photos with your friends through social media by using the share function.
  3. You can change/update your password
  4.  You can contact AYC admin through the app
  5. You can keep an update of your milestones you have achieved and also rewards
  6. You will be notified through push notification about the changes of the class/ and all community updates.

What are the rewards for attending the classes with AYC?

To encourage our students to practice yoga regularly we have now introduced an app to register your attendance and get rewards for completing the milestones.

The rewards for attending the classes regularly are as follows

  • 50 classes, You will receive a Participation Certificate.
  • 100 Classes, You will receive a Participation Certificate, Yoga Mat, T-shirt, Yoga Strap, and Yoga Blocks.
  • 200 Classes, You will receive a Participation Certificate, HK$1,000 Yoga Accessories Shopping Coupon.
  • 500 Classes, You will receive a Participation Certificate and One Week Training in India to learn yoga at Andiappan Yoga School under the direct guidance of with Guruji Andiappan and his team of yoga masters.
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