World Ayurveda Day 22 October 2022

World Ayurveda Day – 22 October, 2022

Come Celebrate the Ayurveda day with us and explore more about this healing science


Donation raised from this event.

Our Andiappan Yoga Community will publish a yoga information booklet to bring much needed information about yoga and its benefits. The booklet will target individuals who are new to yoga and are unaware of how yoga can be tailored for specific groups of people.
As part of this book, there will be specific yoga sequences for kids, for the elderly, for rehabilitation, and for financially disadvantaged people who work in a physically demanding job and live in a stressful environment.
A demonstration of the sequences will be carried out by students of AYC who have gained the benefits of yoga through our various community outreach programs.
The practice of yoga is often viewed as a fitness activity and hobby accessible only to the wealthy. In society, it is important for common people to gain an understanding that yogic practices are simple and effective to practice a simple sequence at their own pace. We hope the participants of this event or individuals who have benefited from yoga will assist in the publication of this booklet by providing details of the booklet and the workflow.
We will distribute the booklet at no cost to AYC participants and to community organizations that provide physical and mental health practice to their members.


Workshop Price:
1 class HKD 500
2 classes HKD 950
3 classes HKD 1400
All day pass HKD 2000

About Ayurveda Day

Ayurveda Day is celebrated every year on Dhanwantri Jayanti.
Ayurveda is considered as one of the most ancient and well-documented systems of therapies equally relevant in modern times. Its holistic approach remains unparalleled, whether for healthy individuals or diseased ones.
As the main goal of Ayurveda is to prevent diseases and promote health, a number of principles can be easily adapted to our daily lives to help boost our immunity.


World Ayurveda Day 2022: Theme “Ayurveda for healthy living”

Anahata Yoga and Andiappan Yoga Community will celebrate Ayurveda Day under the theme of ‘Ayurveda for healthy living’.
Ayurveda Day will include displays of various ayurvedic herbs, ayurvedic therapies, ayurvedic marma points, ayurvedic dosha analysis charts, and information on how to benefit from ayurveda.


What is Ayurveda?

The science of Ayurveda promotes a healthy way of living. It emphasizes the concept of universal interconnectedness, the constitution of the body, and life forces (doshas).
We are meant to detoxify, cleanse, strengthen body tissues (dhatus) and balance bodily doshas, thereby ensuring total health and vitality by addressing the root causes of various conditions in our bodies.


About Dhanwantari Jayanti:

In the Vedas and Puranas, Lord Dhanwantari is regarded as the founder of Ayurvedic Medicine. According to the Indian calendar, it is on the 13th lunar day that we celebrate Dhanwantari Jayanti and Ayurveda day.

Event Run Down

*9.30 – 10.00 Opening Ceremony (Open to all)


10.00 – 11.30 – Ayur Prana – with Master Yogananth Andiappan
Discover how pranayama methods and cleansing methods help awaken dormant pranas in our body. When prana is awakened, one experiences optimum health.


11.45 – 13.15 – Tridhosa – with Master Anuja
During this workshop, you will learn the basics of what is dosha, how to identify one’s dosha by filling up a questionnaire, and how to design our diet and lifestyle to balance the dosha.
The importance of knowing one’s body constitution is paramount for preventing and treating various conditions in our bodies. Attend this eye opening introductory workshop to learn about ayurveda and its many healing benefits.


13.30 – 15.00 – Ayurvedic Cooking – with Master Dilip
Ayurvedic cooking is said to be an ancient art. In this workshop Master Dilip will introduce authentic ayurvedic recipes that will strengthen the digestive system as well as boost the immune system. This workshop will demonstrate the step by step preparation of this art which requires minimal preparation but provides maximum results.


15.15 – 16.45 – Ayurvedic Therapy for common ailments – with Master Vishnu
In this workshop, you will be introduced to the ancient Ayurvedic Marma Points which control the flow of energy in the body. You will learn about herbs, ayurvedic powders, aromatic ayurvedic herbal extracts, and oils. Stress, insomnia, migraines, and hypertension can be relieved by using these marma points as stimuli.


17.00 – 18.00 – Singing bowl and Mantra Chanting Session – with Carol, Vienna and Yu
Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for various healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-balance elements and various pranas in our body as well as the mind.
In this singing bowl session, the teachers will use over 12 bowls each representing the vibrational frequency of different chakras in our body. The bowls are placed around the group and moved through the room to intensify the healing process and give maximum effect.
The singing bowl sound brings an altered state of consciousness that moves throughout your body. When we are immersed in these tones and vibrations our awareness expands and we enter a deep meditative state. This helps to release blocked emotions positively.


*18.10 – 19.15 Kirtan Session – with Shamsher Singh Heer (Open to all)
Kirtan is the art of group chanting in the musical tradition of India. The lyrics are usually in Sanskrit or Hindi. A beautiful voice is not essential to Kirtan but more about singing from the heart. Simply listening attentively to the music may uplift, inspire and even heal the listener to some degree.



2022 年 10 月 22日



同時亦作AYC 的義工導師教授外展計劃時清晰指引,將最大的瑜伽好處給予有需要人士及團體。
瑜伽練習通常被視為只有經濟充裕的人才能參加的健身活動和愛好。 在社會中,重要的是讓普通人也能了解瑜伽練習是簡單而有效的,只要跟隨著合適的動作和序列及按照自己的節奏練習。
我們將免費向AYC 義工們和合作慈善機構及團體分發這本小冊子,願這小冊子能協助大家身心健康的實踐。


1 節課堂:$500 
2 節課堂:$950
3 節課堂:$1400
全天通行證 :$2000


每年在 Dhanwantri Jayanti 慶祝育吠陀日。
阿育吠陀被認為是古代與現代結合而有據可查的治療系統之一。 不論你是健康還是患病,它也能以一個無與倫比及獨特的方法去啟動身體自我療癒機制而達致身心靈平衡的完美健康狀態。


2022 年世界阿育吠陀日:主題“阿育吠陀之健康生活”

Anahata Yoga 和 Andiappan Yoga Community 合辦慶祝阿育吠陀日,而今年主題為“阿育吠陀之健康生活”。
世界阿育吠陀日慶祝當日將介紹各種阿育吠陀草藥、阿育吠陀療法、阿育吠陀marma 穴位、阿育吠陀 dosha 分析圖表以及有關如何從阿育吠陀中得到最好的療效及好處。



阿育吠陀提倡健康的生活方式。 它強調生命與長壽的科學概念、如身體的構成和生命力(doshas)。


關於 Dhanwantari Jayanti:

在《吠陀經》和《往世書》中,Dhanwantari 勳爵被認為是阿育吠陀醫學的創始人。 根據印度曆法,我們在農曆 13 日慶祝 Dhanwantari Jayanti 和 Ayurveda 日。



*9.30 – 10.00 開幕典禮(開放給所有人士)


10.00 – 11.30 – Ayur Prana 研討會- Yogananth Andiappan博士
了解如何通過調息法和潔浄法幫助喚醒我們體內休眠的生命氣息「普拉納」。 當 生命氣息「普拉納」被喚醒時,就能體驗到最佳的健康狀況。


11.45 – 13.15 – Tridhosa – 與 Master Anuja
在本次工作坊中,您將了解什麼是 dosha 的基礎知識,如何通過填寫問卷來識別自己的 dosha,以及如何設計我們的飲食和生活方式以達致平衡 dosha。


13.30 – 15.00 – 阿育吠陀烹飪班- Dilip 大師
據說阿育吠陀烹飪是一門古老的藝術。 在本次研討會上,Dilip 大師將介紹正宗的阿育吠陀食譜,這些食譜將增強消化和免疫系統。 本次研討會將展示阿育吠陀烹飪的逐步準備,只需要最少的準備,但提供最大的效果。


15.15 – 16.45 – 阿育吠陀療法 – 都市病 – Vishnu大師
在本工作坊中,您將了解控制身體能量流動的古老阿育吠陀marma穴位。 您將了解草藥、阿育吠陀粉末、芳香的阿育吠陀草藥提取物和油。 使用這些marma點穴位作為刺激可以緩解壓力、失眠、偏頭痛和高血壓。


17.00 – 18.00 – 頌缽和唱頌 – 與 Carol、Vienna 和 Yu
多個世紀以來,頌缽一直沿用於各種治療和冥想中。 它們創造了一系列聲音,調合我們身體和心靈中的不適和失衡元素,讓身體內在氣流回復正常振動頻率。
在這個頌缽課中,老師們將使用超過 12 個頌缽,每個頌缽代表著我們身體不同脈輪的振動頻率。 老師會帶著頌缽在房間隨行以加強聲頻的療癒效果。
頌缽音療能帶來一種改變意識層面的狀態,這種狀態會在你的整個身體中游走。 當我們沉浸在這些音頻和振動時,我們的意識就會擴大,從而進入深度冥想的狀態。 這有助於大量釋放負面的情緒。


*18.10 – 19.15 Kirtan 梵唱 – 與 Shamsher Singh Heer(開放給所有人士參與)
Kirtan 是印度音樂傳統中集體誦唱的藝術。 歌詞通常是梵文。優美的聲音對 Kirtan 來說不是必不可少的,但更多的是發自內心的歌聲。 只需專注地聆聽音樂以提升、啟發療癒聽眾。

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Anahata Yoga, 20/F, One Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, HK
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