AYC Volunteer Training & Meeting on 15 April 2023


Another AYC volunteer meeting was successfully held on 15 April 2023 (Saturday) whereby new volunteer teachers got a chance to connect with existing volunteers to know more about their teaching experience and how different AYC projects operate. Master Yogananth also shared his vision and insights with fellow participants and encouraged all to keep up with their active enthusiasm in giving back to the community.
We are grateful for the immense enthusiasm and support from all participants and we look forward to serving a wider community through our practice in the near future.
另一場 AYC 義工會議於 2023 年 4 月 15 日(星期六)成功舉行,新任義工導師師有機會與現教義工導建立聯繫,了解更多他們的教學經驗以及不同的 AYC 項目如何運作。 Yogananth 大師還與其他參與者分享了他的願景和見解,並鼓勵所有人保持積極的熱情回饋社區。