AYC Volunteer Training & Meeting on 27 August 2022


The Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) successfully held a new volunteer training meeting yesterday. Offered physically and online, AYC extended its warmest welcome to all new volunteers by providing a glimpse of AYC’s vision, past events, current projects, and future plans to all participants. A new website, steps on becoming a volunteer teacher & AYC guidelines were also shared by our AYC volunteers Ms. Victoria and our founder Dr. Yogananth. It was an informative and fruitful training where new and existing volunteers interacted actively to share their passion for contributing to the community through yoga. In fact, apart from volunteer teachers, AYC also needs volunteers for its administrative, marketing, and digital campaigns. We are looking forward to the participation of more like-minded volunteers in the future! AYC 昨天成功舉辦了一次以實體和綱上進行的義工培訓會議。 除了熱烈歡迎新加入的一眾義工們,同時分享了AYC的願景、過去及當前參與的項目和未來的方向發展。 我們的創辦人 Dr. Yogananth AYC 義工Ms Victoria 還介紹了AYC新的網站,如何成為一名義工及參與項目時的特別指引。 這是一次內容豐富且富有成效的培訓,義工們積極互動,分享他們通過瑜伽為社區做出貢獻的熱情。 事實上,除了義工導師,AYC 行政和項目活動也需要更多義工們協助。期待未來有更多志同道合的義工們參與!