AYC yoga class to Elderly from the Kwai Chung East Integrated Family Service Centre


The Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) has been offering free yoga classes to senior adults from the Kwai Chung East Integrated Family Service Centre since mid-2022. This morning, a special mindful meditation and yoga session was led by Master Yogananth where seniors were taught to incorporate pranayama and some simple breathing exercises into their practice. Apart from guiding the elderly to explore their thoughts and emotions mindfully and carry out some meditative body scans, some daily pain-relieving exercises were also taught to help the elderly in alleviating their different pain conditions. It was a joyful morning where participants actively asked questions and interacted with AYC’s volunteers. Many of them are already looking forward to the next session and AYC stands ready to serve again soon! Elderly projects have been one of AYC’s core offerings throughout the years and we welcome all interested parties to reach out for future collaborations and projects! As always, we are committed to serving the community whenever such a need arises! 自 2022 年年中起,AYC一直為葵涌東綜合家庭服務中心的長者提供免費瑜伽課程。 今天早上,我們創辦人Yoganath 博士主持了一場特別的瑜伽及正念冥想課,教導長者將調息法和一些簡單的呼吸練習融入他們的日常生活和練習中。 我們透過身體掃描冥想引導長者有意識地探索他們的思想和情緒。同時亦教授了一些日常緩解疼痛的練習,以幫助長者緩解他們不同的疼痛狀況。 這是一個快樂的早上,參與者積極與AYC的義工們互動和提問。他們中的許多人已經期待下個課堂,AYC 義工團隊亦已隨​​時準備為一班長者服務了! 多年來,長者項目一直是 AYC 的核心支持對象之一,我們歡迎所有社區組織聯繫未來的合作和項目!讓我們一起致力帶瑜伽的好處給有需要的人士!