AYC Yoga Workshop with IVE (Haking Wong) on 28 March 2023


The Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) is pleased to partner with IVE (Haking Wong) in offering a yoga workshop to their students today!
Dr. Yogananth led through a series of yoga & breathing exercises.
We hope the benefits of yoga can stay with the participants throughout their lifetime and AYC shall continue its mission to bring the benefits of yoga to all!
Thanks to our AYC volunteers & Project Leader - GiGi Leung for their time, devotion and work!
AYC很高興與IVE (黃克兢)合作,提供瑜伽工作坊給學生們。
工作坊由Yogananth 博士帶領完成了一系列瑜伽和呼吸練習。
感謝我們項目負責人 GiGi Leung, 義工們的時間、奉獻和努力!