Financially Accessible Yoga - AYC Discovery Bay


Come and enjoy AYC's free yoga classes and stay healthy Project: Financially Accessible Yoga - AYC Discovery Bay Class time: Every Sunday 8:30 - 9:30am & Every Wednesday 8 - 9pm Location: Discovery Bay International School How to attend the class (for first-time students only ) 1. Fill in the online application form 2. You will receive a class enrollment confirmation email 3. Show the email to the teacher in your first lesson for registration 4. If you have already registered for this class, you can directly visit the venue and attend the class every week. Enjoy the yoga practice with our qualified and passionate volunteer teachers. 項目: AYC 免費瑜伽班 - 愉景灣 上課時間: 逢星期日 - 上午8:30 - 9:30 逢星期三 - 晚上8 - 9 地點:愉景灣國際學校 如何參加課程(僅適用於初學者) 1.填寫在線申請表 2.您將收到課程註冊確認電子郵件 3.請在首課堂向導師顯示已確認的課程註冊電郵 4.如果您已經註冊則可在直接到場地參予課程 期待您與我們一班熱情全資格義工導師一起享受瑜伽練習的樂趣。