New project announcement - Positive-Ageing Yoga 新項目公告 - 長者瑜伽班


New project announcement - Positive-Ageing Yoga

Yoga Class for Elderly with Social Welfare Department -Kwai Chung (East) Integrated Elderly Service Centre. Classes in this project are designed for the social, mental and physical well-being of our elders. Yoga can be practiced at any age, and with our experienced volunteers with Yoga Therapy backgrounds, we can help the elderly feel relief and relaxation. To learn more about our Positive Ageing Yoga projects and the NGOs we work with, please visit    

新項目公告 - 長者瑜伽班

此項目由AYC 與社會福利署-東葵涌綜合家庭服務中心合辦。 此課程特別以長者心理和身體健康而設計的。 任何年齡的人士都適合練習瑜伽,今次項目由有教授長者瑜伽經驗的義工們帶領,透過瑜伽動作令到長者們得到身心放鬆。 想了解更多關於我們的瑜伽項目或合作,可以到以下網站查詢