Yoga Program for Vocational Training Council (VTC) Reactivated


The Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) has been partnering with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to offer free yoga classes to its students. While the programme has come to a temporary pause in light of the pandemic previously, we are pleased to announce that it has recently resumed and AYC is more than ready to assist students in re-exploring the benefits of yoga. We are geared towards leading students to a more comprehensive development of their physical and mental well-being through practicing yoga together and we hope students will be encouraged to live a healthier and more positive life through regular practice. Let’s keep the momentum strong and let the energy flows! AYC與職業訓練局 (VTC) 合辦的免費的瑜伽課程現而重啟。 雖然該計劃之前因疫情而暫停,但我們很高興地宣布重開課程,透過一起練習讓學生們更全面地發展他們的身心健康,更積極地生活。