Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program - How To Teach Chakra Meditation For Beginners On 19 October 2021

Last Saturday Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) held another training on “How to Teach Chakra Meditation for beginners” by Master Anurag.

Master Anurag began the session by introducing what are chakras and how they affect our body and mind. Followed by the preparations and the technical points on how to instruct a 30-45 mins chakra meditation. Teaching intention, meditative posture and chakras visualization are emphasized. Some participants are even invited to guide a short sessions and feedback were given on how to do better.

Master encouraged participants to think by giving questions and shared a lot of personal experiences. It was a fruitful session as well as an interactive way of teaching and learning.

There will be more training coming. You will learn more techniques on teaching a class to specific groups. Stay tuned!

上週六 Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) 舉辦了一場由 Master Anurag 主持的“如何教授脈輪冥想給初學者”的工作坊。

Master Anurag 首先介紹了什麼是脈輪以及它們如何影響我們的身心。 接下來是有關如何指導 30-45 分鐘脈輪冥想課堂的準備工作和教學要點。 並且強調老師教學要注意的意圖、冥想姿勢和如令脈輪視象化的學習。Master Anurag 亦邀請同學即場實習和示範,同時給予意見和掌握更全面的教學技巧。

Master Anurag透過提問鼓勵學員思考,並分享了很多親身經歷。 這是一次非常實用互動的教學。

AYC還會有更多的培訓。 您將學習到更多不同項目及群體教授課程的技巧。 敬請密切留意!

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