Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program - How To Teach Pranayama For Beginners On 14 August 2021

Last Saturday Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) held a “How to teach Pranayama for Beginners” teacher training workshop taught by Dr Yogananth.

Dr Yogananth began with a brief introduction of what Pranayama is and what are the benefits of practicing Pranayama. Followed by a practical session on teaching the basic breathing techniques to beginners.

All participants found the training very useful and informative. Lots of questions have been raised regarding the challenges faced during teaching. A 3-hour session that summarize the important points in teaching pranayama.

We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming trainings on different topics.
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上週六,Andiappan Yoga Community舉辦了第一期導師持續培訓計劃,由 Yogananth 博士教授“如何向初學者教授調息法”。

Yogananth 博士首先簡要介紹了調息法和練習調息法的好處。 接下來是一門實踐課程,教授初學者基本的呼吸技巧。

所有參與者都認為培訓非常有用且內容豐富。在場參與的導師們也提出了很多他們在教學過程中的挑戰,Yogananth博士也一一詳細解答。 一個 3 小時的課程,總結了呼吸法教學的要點。


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