Community Yoga Projects - Class Guidelines

The below guideline is to protect ourselves and each other, please go through it carefully and ensure ourselves (volunteer) and students are strictly following the guideline.

• All new students must register at and complete the disclaimer in the AYC website before joining the class. Show the email acknowledgement to the teacher before the class.
• If volunteers can bring a thermometer, please take the temperature of the students before the class, and if they have temperature (37.8C or greater, they should not be allowed to attend the class.
• The volunteer teachers will have to make arrangements in the class sizing and spacing. We aim to maintain a small group of 3 students with 1.5 m space between groups.
• All teaching/assisting/observing volunteers/students must wear mask during the class.
• Maintain proper personal hygiene before and after the class.
• If any volunteers or students feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms, please do not let them join the class.
• Hands-on adjustments can be limited, try to demonstrate the poses and explain it verbally as much as possible.
• Please inform the students not to gather more than 3 people per group during the class.
• Avoid partner yoga poses in the class.
• Avoid advance poses and inversions in the class.
• Please share only 3 -4 class photos in the AYC WhatsApp group and after the photos are shared the AYC’s official social media page, you can share them in your personal social media page. Kindly do not upload them before they are vetted by the AYC admin team.

請注意以下教授指引細節, 以保護自己及參加學生。同時請確保所有義工老師及學生必須遵守以下指引。

• 所有學生必須登入,並在AYC 網站上填寫免責聲明後才可上課。義工老師需於開課前,要求同學顯示電子郵件,確認已填寫免責聲明。
• 如義工老師能自備溫度計,可於上課前量度學生的體溫。如體溫超過37.8℃,則不允許他們上課。
• 義工老師必需妥善安排課堂的大小及同學之間的間距。請保持小班教學以3人學生為一小組, 小組之間亦必需保持最少1.5米的距離。
• 所有義工老師及同學於上課時必須戴上口罩。
• 上課前後,請保持適當的個人衛生。
• 如任何義工老師或學生感到不適或有類似流感的症狀,請不要讓他們加入課堂。
• . 老師亦需盡量減少與同學有身體接觸,如需要指引同學,請嘗試重覆示範該動作,並盡量通過言語來給與指引。
• 上課前後,請提醒學生不要聚集超過3人。
• 所有AYC課堂應避免教授雙人瑜伽。
• 請避免在課堂上教授任何高難度及倒立動作。
• 請在AYC WhatsApp 群組中最多分享3到4張課堂照片。當AYC 於官方媒體公佈了照片後,義工老師可在個人社交媒體中共享照片。請不要在AYC 公佈照片前,上傳任何照片,以保護他人的個人私隱。


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