Important Guidelines For AYC Volunteer Teachers

Dear Teaching Volunteer   
Please read the Important guidelines below
1) Sharing class photos/videos to social media: 
Volunteers are advised NOT to directly share the photos or videos taken from the classes to their personal social media pages. It is adviced that volunteers share photos and videos uploaded to AYC’s website and AYC’s Facebook page. This is part of the privacy terms and conditions AYC agreed with the students, volunteers and various organisations we work with. Please remind your respective group(s) and all the teachers teaching in that project.
2) New updates on the AYC app To download the app please click here
Apple ios –
Android Play Store –
With the new AYC app, teaching volunteers can now:
– register their class attendance and get rewards
– upload a picture of the class, and
– type feedback about their class and share what they feel about the class
This can motivate and inspire other volunteers to teach and share their knowledge. 
3) Please encourage students of your project to download the AYC mobile app and share their feedback about the class so that volunteers can read what students have to say and hopefully, this can encourage and motivate teaching volunteers to continuously improve and inspire.
4) Yoga Training Videos – Coming Soon.
Registered Volunteers can now learn various sequencing methods for classes. There will be a separate video section for teaching volunteers on how to prepare a class sequence and how to give modifications to the poses.
Students of various projects can also practice yoga at home with AYC’s “Yoga at home” videos which are specifically designed and sequenced for each project’s students. 
There have been many requests from students of the various Yoga Therapy projects for guidance videos to be made available to them so they can continue their practice regularly at home.
Thank you for your support to AYC
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