Inactive Projects That Require Volunteers To Help Reactivate The Classes

To become a teaching volunteer please read this link and complete this volunteer registration procedure prior to sending us any email.

Below are AYC Projects that are currently inactive and require registered volunteers to help reactivate the classes.

Send an email to if you are interested to help reactivate the classes.


Youth Outreach School of Hip Hop & Youth Outreach Street Program

AYC has partnered with Youth Outreach School of Hip Hop to teach yoga to at-risk youth. In this program, AYC volunteers teach young break dancers the fundamentals of yoga, especially flexibility, strength, and balance, and also patience and self-control.

For the Youth Outreach street program, AYC volunteers teach yoga to at-risk girls (ages 14-20) in Tuen Mun.

As the suicide rate among youths are at an alarming rate, yoga is the best way forward to help the youths of Hong Kong. This used to be one of the most popular and successful projects that AYC has organized.





Mother’s Choice 

Mother’s Choice is a non-profit organization that provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes, and for single girls and their family facing crisis pregnancies.

The project is currently on hold due to some concerns from Mother’s Choice regarding a class venue. Anahata Yoga has agreed to provide the space to run the classes.



由於場地問題此項目現時暫停, Anahata Yoga 將會贊助場地空間進行課程。

Hong Kong AIDS foundation

This project was initiated and successfully run by former AYC Coordinator Foster Barnes. As Foster moved to US, the classes ceased. Male volunteers are needed to lead and continue this project.


這個計劃由前AYC協調員Foster Barnes發起並成功開展。隨著Foster移居美國,此計劃暫時停止,現正需要男性義工導師帶起領導和繼續發展此計劃

Tuen Mun Hospital Breast Cancer Program

AYC volunteers teach yoga to women recovering from breast cancer at Tuen Mun Hospital. Courses normally run in six-week intervals. This is a great project for new volunteer teachers to get firsthand experience on teaching yoga to hospital patients.

Dr. Yogananth Andiappan and Anahata Yoga Masters can provide the necessary support and guidance for the classes to run smoothly and to ensure continuity of this project.

What are the tasks of AYC Project Leader?

  • Understand the needs and objectives of the partner organization
  • For projects to be reactivated, determine a suitable schedule to hold the AYC class(es)
  • Recruit two or more (as needed) teaching volunteers to teach the classes on a regular basis
  • Update volunteer group of special notices, changes, etc. as advised by AYC

What is expected of an AYC Project Leader

  • Regularly communicate with the partner organization’s management and with AYC’s Volunteer Coordinator to make sure smooth execution of the project
  • Uphold a high level of teaching standard and etiquette within the AYC volunteer group being managed, and ensure that volunteers are aware of AYC’s guidelines as prescribed from time to time.



Dr. Yogananth和Anahata Yoga 的大師將會支持此計劃並提供有關的指導,以確保這計劃能順利進行以及持續發展。


– 了解合作夥伴組織的需求和目標;

– 確定一個合適的時間表去實行重新啟動的計劃;

– 招募兩個或更多(根據需要)義工導師以助定期提供課程;

– 根據AYC的建議在義工小組中發佈特別通知,更改消息等。


– 定期與合作組織的管理層和AYC的義工協調員進行溝通,以確保項目的順利發展;

– 協助保持高水平的教學標準和禮儀,並不時確保義工們清楚AYC的指導方針。

Send an email to if you are interested to help reactivate the classes.

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