Listen To AYC's Interview On Hong Kong Commercial Radio Channel 2, 881903

Our Andiappan Yoga Community(AYC) volunteer teachers were invited to be interviewed by Hong Kong Commercial Radio channel 2, 881903; sharing their meaningful yoga journeys and teaching stories in AYC.
The program will be broadcasted on 24/3 (Wednesday) from 6 am to 7 am.

Audience who are interested in making donations to support the community, please send an SMS to the hotline: 50 881 903 on 24/3 from 6 am till the next day 25/3 morning 6 am.
Each text message donates HK$5 to the charity (AYC) and it will be shown on the participant’s monthly mobile statement.


有意捐款的聽眾可於該集節目首播後至翌日早上六時期間,傳送手機短訊(SMS)到共鳴熱線:50 881 903,聽眾每傳送一個短訊即可捐款港幣五元,有關款項將計算在該聽眾的手機服務月結單中,並全數撥捐到 AYC.


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