Yoga Therapy For Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - Students Feedback

Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC)’s Yoga Therapy Rehabilitation Classes are being held at Anahata Yoga, Hong Kong on a weekly basis, with the program being led by AYC Project Leader Wendy Lam.

AYC volunteer Mandy Lam interviewed the patients regarding the yoga therapy and meditation classes being offered, and below is a summary of the feedback from 14 students:

Yoga Therapy – Students Feedback

The 7 interviewees from this class shared that yoga has helped them significantly:

Even with the varying physical conditions of the participants, there is usually immense muscle tightness in the shoulder area. Different well-designed physical movements are being taught to target specific areas and this has brought over-all relaxation to the body. Tension and numbness is relieved.

By going to classes with classmates from a similar background  (recovered from breast cancer), there is a great emotional support from each other; thus, this creates a friendly network and relationship within the group

Through yoga, all respondents agreed that there is an enhanced level of calmness and that they learned how to do proper stretches that they can practice safely practice by themselves at home

Meditation and Yoga Nidra Class – Student Feedback

The 7 interviewees all gave similar positive feedback on how yoga has helped them. Below are the key benefits shared by the interviewees:

Through breathing exercises, they are able to relax their mind and body and benefit from better sleep, at night or even during Shanthiasana (Relaxation)

With gentle yoga stretches, they are able to enhance arm’s movement and improve flexibility in that area

Because of the background of the students and the somewhat similarity in their experiences, they are able to emotionally support each other within and outside of the yoga class.

Regardless of how long they have been practicing in the asana class or meditation class (their practice timeline may vary from one month to over one year), they all find yoga very helpful as a post-breast cancer therapy and would recommend the same to others of similar background.

Based on the interview, it can be concluded that yoga has benefitted the students’ rehabilitation and recovery.

Andiappan Yoga Community(AYC)瑜伽療法復康課程每週一次在香港Anahata Yoga進行,該項目由AYC項目負責人Wendy Lam領導。

AYC義工導師Mandy Lam採訪了有關瑜伽療法和冥想課程的患者,下面總結了14位學生的回響:

瑜伽療法 – 學生回響





冥想和瑜伽睡眠班 – 學生回響


通過呼吸練習,頭腦和身體也放鬆了,晚上以及在savansana 練習中得到更好的睡眠。





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