Yoga Therapy for Pain Patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

20 February 2019

Due to Covid- 19 safety precautions, AYC has temporarily suspended all our Projects.  We encourage our Project students  to attend our Free online classes listed in this page. Keeping good health is important during this critical period. AYC has made alternate arrangements to support your yoga practice to maintain good health.  Continue to keep up your yoga practice and stay healthy both physically and mentally. Namaste Please visit this page for ONLINE YOGA CLASS FOR ALL. 
Latest Update: The 3rd Group of Patients has completed their classes and we  have now started the 4th group of pain patients for the next class which has started on  21st  August 2019. Interested Teacher Volunteers can apply through your volunteer profile page to apply to teach in this project. 最新消息:第三期課程已於七月完成,第四期將於八月二十一日開始。有興趣參加此項目的義工導師,可透過您的個人資料頁申請。

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, QE or QEH in short, is the largest acute district general hospital at King's Park in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was named after Queen Elizabeth II. The hospital is a major hospital in southern Kowloon.

Andiappan Yoga Community is pleased to partner with Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre in providing free yoga therapy classes to the patients. With the increasing awareness of yoga and its therapeutic benefits, various yoga practice has now been applied in the rehabilitation and prevention process. AYC's Founder and Director Dr. Yogananth Andiappan along with AYC Volunteers M/s Cheryl, M/s Louise, M/s Rita, M/s Shirley and Master Mahesh conducted a lecture demonstration about the benefits of yoga for back conditions and yoga poses that can be practiced while sitting on the chair. All the participants really enjoyed the class.
AYC很高興能與伊院的病人資源中心合作,為痛症患者提供免費瑜伽治療課程。隨著瑜伽的普及化其治療功效漸漸備受關注,並慢慢被應用於復康及預防疾病的範疇。AYC的創始人暨總監 Yogananth Andiappan博士帶領義工導師 Cheryl、Louise、Rita、Shirley和 Mahesh老師於2018年3月17日進行了一瑜伽工作坊示範課,與病友們分享椅上瑜伽對長期痛症及改善姿勢的益處。每期十節的課程亦於2018年十月開始舉行。

A therapeutic sequence of gentle yoga poses combined with breathing techniques will be taught in the class.

Project Name and Nature:  Yoga Therapy for Pain Patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre 項目名稱和性質: 伊利沙伯醫院病人資源中心−痛症患者瑜伽班
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Block D, multi-purpose room, Jordan, Hong Kong 地點: 伊利沙伯醫院 日間醫療中心閣樓5號室 病人資源中心
Teaching Language: Teachers can teach in English/or Cantonese.  For English Speaking teaching Volunteers we have Cantonese speaking assisting teachers to interpret the class. This can be arranged once the teaching volunteers are added to the WhatsApp group. 教學語言: 導師可用英語或廣東話授課英語導師將輔以粵語義工協助翻譯詳情將於項目WhatsApp群組內安排。
Class Schedule: A total of 10 classes - Every Wednesday 2:30-3: 30 pm Class Dates: 21st Aug - 23rd October 2019. (10 classes) 課程表: 共10節課 - 逢週三下午2:30-3:30 課程日期: 2019年8月21日 至 10月23日 (共10堂)
Who can teach in this project: Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Teachers those who have completed Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong can apply for this project.  Share the gift of yoga and help us in fulfilling AYC’s mission. Your enthusiasm and help are greatly appreciated. Before you apply to teach in this project, Please make sure you are available on Wednesday's and you should be able to commit a minimum of 3 classes continuously.  義工導師資格: 已完成[香港國際瑜伽學院-瑜伽治療法]教師培訓課程之 AYC 義工均可申請參與。 感激你的熱誠和參與,實踐 AYC 的使命,分享瑜伽的恩澤。 如欲參與此項目請先確定你週三下午有空最少連續出席三節課堂。
If you are a registered AYC volunteer you are eligible to assist/ teach in this program, please follow these steps:
  1. Log-in to the AYC website (yogacommunity.org) 
  2. Under “My Profile”, click “Ongoing Projects”
  3. Find (Yoga Therapy for Pain Patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre), and select “I would like to apply”
  4. Please wait for the admin to add you to the WhatsApp group before you start assisting / teaching.

Notes: This class open to registered patients only and people those who would like to attend the class can approach the admin office of Queen Elizabeth Hospital to attend this yoga session. 
A total of 10 classes - Every Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm Class Dates: Class Dates: 21st Aug - 23rd October 2019. (10 classes)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre, Gascoigne Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong
please contact the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre admin to participate in this class.
Yoga Therapy for Neck and Back Conditions will be the focus
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Cheryl Kwan

Cheryl has completed yoga teacher training and hope to serve the community through Andiappan Yoga Community.

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