Jeanne Hauguel


Hong Kong

“Enrolling in Anahata’s Yoga Teacher Training was the best decision I ever made! I learned so much. It completely changed my understanding of yoga, my personal practice, and the way I share my practice with others.” — Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Jeanne Hauguel 

Jeanne Hauguel came to yoga, as most do, with preconceived notion about yogis. She imagined them sitting crossed-legged, staring into space, chanting for hours. She pictured them twisting and bending their marshmallow-like bodies into crazy pretzel-like positions. But her understanding of yoga changed quickly in 2008 after a friend dragged her to an Ashtanga class led by Claudia Whitney at Pure Yoga. It was nothing like she imagined, and Jeanne signed up for a yoga membership the very next week.

When she first began practicing, Jeanne thought of yoga as more of a fitness routine rather than a philosophy and healing art. A few months later, she became pregnant and began taking prenatal yoga classes with Nealy Fisher. Nealy is a passionate, amazing, inspirational teacher; she taught Jeanne to love yoga. After the birth her second son in 2011, Jeanne became a doula and childbirth educator. By the time she was pregnant with her third child, her passion for yoga grew, and she began sharing yoga breath and postures with pregnant women during their labour and child birth.

In 2014, Jeanne received her 200-hour certification in Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from Anahata Yoga in Central, Hong Kong. She is also certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga from Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet. Today Jeanne teaches small private and corporate Hatha yoga classes, as well as pre- and postnatal yoga.

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