lam sui sum


Hong Kong

”A good yoga teacher makes all the difference in the world. A good instructor can help you find a connection with your practice. That’s when yoga comes alive and changes you — physically, mentally, and spiritually. I strive to be the teacher that helps students make a connection between their life and their practice.” — Andiappan Yoga Community Project Leader Erica Lam

Erica Lam attended her first yoga class in 2004, but the instructor was not very inspiring so she soon lost interest and stopped practicing. But still drawn to yoga, she tried it again in 2008. Yet, still, she did not see the benefit. So Erica just used yoga for stretching after running.

However in 2011, her view on yoga dramatically changed when she met an instructor who shared fresh insight and passion on the practice. Inspired, Erica began to study yoga history and philosophy, and practise regularly.

In 2014, she completed Anahata Yoga’s Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training programme, levels one and two. Erica has been a part-time yoga teacher ever since.

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