Mayka Sabova



Yoga is a celebration of life. And I wish to celebrate with everyone willing to open their hearts and minds towards Yoga.

The passion for yoga unfolded after a very first class with  Yogacharya Shri Unniraman, Director and Founder of Patanjali Yoga Research Centre from Indian Kozhikode, Kerala. Daily practice of Hatha Yoga brought fundamental positive changes in my lifestyle and outlook on life which built a strong trust towards  the Yoga system and brought me to study it deeper, resulting in 200 Hrs. TT. I was also blessed to attend 300 Hrs. advanced Hatha Yoga TT at Asana Andiappan Yoga and Research Center in Chennai in March 2016 and get further knowledge also on therapeutic benefits of yoga.

My personal practice has built a strong foundation for understanding the complexity of the Hatha Yoga system and principles of its traditions. The full spectrum classes are available to all who wish to welcome harmony and balance in life with the practice of yoga asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandha and guided meditation. During the classes, I guide the students towards building a loving kindness for their bodies by mindful asana practice and breath work. In the end of the sessions, I truly enjoy guiding the students into relaxing meditation with positive affirmations, letting myself go too and  forgetting about time :-) The classes are strongly affected by my gratitude for being able to share the wisdom of Yoga and the enthusiasm towards the Yoga tradition, ensuring that everyone leaves the class with a big smile on face.

Yoga is a fascinating life journey with endless possibilities to go deeper into understanding of its principles and of one` s own  extraordinary existence and therefore, as a long-life yoga student, I welcome every opportunity for further learning and growth.

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