Kristy Tsang


Hong Kong

Kristy completed the 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited teaching training with International Yoga Academy in 2016 and aerial yoga teacher training in 2017. She is a regular Ashtanga yoga practitioner and has deep interests in exploring yoga as a mind-body therapeutic practice to improve the mental and physical wellness of oneself. She sees herself as a forever student and loves to share what she learns.
Kristy's yoga journey began in 2009 when she first started practicing yoga as some occasional exercises. Later she found her real passion for yoga until she started her regular Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice. The day-to-day practice has not only helped her improve her poor postures and back pain from scoliosis, but also a moving meditation to relieve the stress from her intense work life. From a physically weak and tense-minded office lady to an open-hearted explorer of every new thing in life, yoga is her inspiration on and off the mat.
Kristy teaches small group private classes from beginners' workshops, yoga basics, to themed classes such as yoga for runners and destress yoga.
P.S. Kristy is an ovo-lacto vegetarian and loves sharing yummy vegetarian food too ;)
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