Yunbee Ko


Hong Kong

I have completed 200hrs YTT with Anahata Yoga, Hong Kong and I hope to share my passion for yoga with others through AYC. Namaste! I’m Yunbee Ko. I have been practicing Yoga from 2017. I started Yoga because of my back pain. I have had back pain over 10 years. I couldn’t even slept well and sat longer on account of my back pain and numbness in the hips and legs. This was my old weakness. But It became my strengths after starting Yoga, since I know well about where the body need to strengthen and why the pains come from. This is the reason why I decided to become a Yoga teacher. I think pain is inevitable. So I treat the pain as a friend now. I believe my experience and thoughts have a positive power to who has pains in the body.
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