Wai Han Kung


Hong Kong

It all started off with one fine summer holiday when I decided to follow my mum to do some morning yoga and chigong in the park. The session last about 2 hours, begin with meditation followed by a  hatha rouotine. I would never forget the smell of grass and the beaming sun kissing our skin as we are working on our asana. 10 years later I decided to dive in deeper with the yoga knowledge and world. So I took up the yoga teacher training course. I believe the ultimate goal of our practice is to transfer from the mat to our daily life, so I am particularly interested in pranayama and meditation as it helps a lot in training up the mind and not just our body. I hope to share my yoga experience with people whom I came across with. As a kindergarten teacher, I strive to learn from my students as their responses usually tells me a lot about myself and areas to improve on. Namaste~
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