Peggy Chan


Hong Kong

Peggy has never exercised since she was a kid and had been working in the finance industry without much excitement outside office. She is grateful that her life changed when she started to become more active in 2009 when she began to run and doing triathlon. After some time, she began to feel her muscles getting tight with various injuries, and work had been stressful too, luckily, there was a small group yoga class offered in her residential building and that was how she was introduced to yoga in 2012. She found that yoga is an excellent compliment to her intense sports training as her yoga teacher then was mainly doing yoga therapy with the housewives in her building. Later on, Peggy's teacher found that she could deepened her practice and encouraged her to explore other styles of yoga. Peggy then signed up classes in other studios in Hong Kong and practicing almost every day after she left her work in 2014. After all these years of practicing and not working, Peggy asked herself what is her passion and decided to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Anahata Yoga and graduated in April 2019. Peggy has not really taught any classes in any studios, and she is not looking for a career in yoga, however, she is happy to volunteer, working as a teaching assistant, helping the needed as well as gaining experience for herself.
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