Margaret Ling


Hong Kong

I started yoga practice 4.5 years ago, I joined my first ever yoga class which completely changed my perception of yoga, I felt energetic and powerful after the class. Yoga is more than practice but the union of mind, body and soul, it is also a tool for empowerment, to connect our mind, body, breathing and finding that stillness in your mind. Through a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness, yoga offers us a chance to revisit our true self, reconnect with our heart and spark a positive transformation that extends far beyond the four corners of the mat. It is a self-discovery journey to me. Flexibility and strength are important in yoga practice, but they are not the only benefit you can get through yoga, it is a good way for people to slow down and cultivate mindfulness. I really hope people can understand how calming and healing the practices are, expect to feel strong and supported in your physical body while soft and at ease within.
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