Hoi Ying Heidi Law


Hong Kong

I am a literature teacher who found great love and belief in Yoga. Before I discovered Yoga, I spent hours and hours at work and neglected my own mental and physical needs. It is inspiring to teach but I am getting more emotional, anxious and depressed at the same time. To me, that is a warning sign. If I am not leading a healthy and fruitful life, how can I inspire others? I started taking Yoga classes and I found my balance. Within a year, I became healthier, happier and more radiant. Taking the Yoga Teacher Training programme is one of the best decisions I have made and I am honored to be able to share how influential Yoga can be. I am now a certified Yoga teacher. I am also Level 1-2 Crystal singing bowl certified. I am now exploring my expertise in wheel yoga as well. I am ready and more than happy to share the fruits Yoga bring me and explore what life has for us together!
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