Sze Wan Lam


Hong Kong

Hey everyone!  YOGA is part of my life.  I found YOGA not only a kind of exercise but it is a LIFT STYLE.  It clam my busy life, make me feel energetic, let my soul have a good rest.  And I believed YOGA will be my good friend in my whole life. Here is the story behind. I was a registered pole dance teacher since 2012 when I was living in London.  I got so many injuries afterward and I stopped my pole dance since 2015.  I love exercise and I found out yoga has so many benefits as I read from many websites and books.  That's why I started my yoga practice since 2015. I would like to shave my happiness with others that's why I join the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Anahata Yoga and I got my certificate in 2020.  I wish I can share my wonderful experiences with you!
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