Graziano Giulia
Hong Kong

Giulia Graziano is a certified yoga instructor with 100 hours in Yoga Teacher Training from India and 300 hours in Advanced Hatha Teacher Training from Anahata Yoga studio in Central, Hong Kong.

She is an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and traveler. Giulia has been practicing yoga over ten years and her travels have never kept her far from yoga. The heightened sense of awareness which Giulia experiences through her practice is what continually draws her back to the mat. Her goal is to share yoga with all her loved ones and as many people as she can reach.

“Yoga is a time for me to put everything else on hold and connect to my inner being. It’s about feeling my body, becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and accepting myself.” — Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Giulia Graziano