Our Volunteers
Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC)
is what it is today because of our
volunteers. There are many ways
to get involved:
Teaching Volunteers
Teachers certified by the International Yoga Academy may volunteer as teachers for our ongoing projects. Invitations are sent by email. Project Leaders will provide new volunteers with information on each project and request volunteers to observe the project for 2-3 classes before beginning to teach.
Operations & Admin Volunteers
Our Operations & Admin Volunteers make all our projects and programmes possible. See our volunteer needs in this area:
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Creator
  • Fundraising Committee
If any of these positions interest you or if you have other skills to offer, please reach out to info@yogacommunity.org
Get Involved
Yoga teachers certified for 200 hours or more of yoga teacher training at the International Yoga Academy and Anahata Yoga studio may sign up to volunteer with AYC. We also welcome yoga teachers with other accreditations to get involved in our community - please reach out for more details to info@yogacommunity.org.
Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program
AYC is pleased to offer a number of courses to aid and support the development of yoga teachers across our community. The courses provide attendees with practical lessons in the ability to teach yoga and yoga therapy elements to yoga students at a beginner level. Anahata Studio yoga masters will conduct each of these courses. Please refer to the latest news and announcements on social media for these workshops.
of volunteers
Certified Teachers
Certified Therapists
1. Master Yogananth taught an excellent therapy class. This was the first time the patients used a yoga strap to practice various exercises for their upper back and a yoga block to practice their legs and calves. The students were very focused and tried their best to complete various stretching, strengthening, core poses and breathing exercises. They also did eyes exercises at the end.
2. Good start after CNY. Students worked on whole body general fitness. Besides mobility, students were also doing some eye exercises and pranayama.
3. Had a great start after CNY. Students worked on upper body stretches and some twist to loosen stiffness.
4. It was a class with good vibes. Students were enthusiastic in their attitudes and desire to enter and stay in a variety of poses, especially the determination to hold single legged balancing poses
5. Great class with lots of upper body stretching and yin yoga poses at the end.
6. Dr Yogananth teaches the class after the Chinese New Year holiday, everyone is happy to see him. The class focuses on seated and laying down posture, ends with pranayama. Great class as always with Dr Yogananth and the lovely students.
7. Class focused on back care. Despite the cold weather, warming up is good way to help our body feel better.
8. Fun class with some group movements for the festive season
9. Dynamic class with a few balancing moves, happy time.
10. Class focused on back and shoulder opening, stress release
11. It was a great hip and shoulder class with a group of enthusiastic students.
12. Great class. Happy to see they feel relax after class.
13. Excellent class by Master Y. Great start for the year of dragon
14. The ladies did very well, happy to see their progress.
15. Today we focus on dynamic flow stretching by yoga strap. Practice Tree pose by the wall. Mums have fun and feel released.
16. We stretched with the new straps from Anahata. For distressing of upper back and hamstrings. They felt released a lot.
17. Today we have 11 happy faces. We did mindfulness movement. seated chair stretches, encourage the mind-body connection while relieving stress. Incorporate breathing techniques. Recalled them how their bodies feel while each exercise.
18. We have upper back stretching with yoga straps. We did diaphragmatic breathing and guided visualization. To relieve their tension of body. Brain gym exercise recalls the movements naturally, learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body.
19. 2 classes together 19 mums. As an observer, I can see that all mums were so diligent on each pose. They were amazing.
20. Today is the 7th day of the CNY - Everyone’s Birthday! There was a birthday party at the day care centre - the elderlies were happy and energetic after the party. I assisted each of them on the Cow Face pose using a strap and few were able to touch their fingers/hands - they were so excited! Everyone tried their best to follow the instructions to perform the poses and I could see improvements in them. A few advised they could feel the stretch in their different body parts during the class.