Our Volunteers
Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC)
is what it is today because of our
volunteers. There are many ways
to get involved:
Teaching Volunteers
Teachers certified by the International Yoga Academy may volunteer as teachers for our ongoing projects. Invitations are sent by email. Project Leaders will provide new volunteers with information on each project and request volunteers to observe the project for 2-3 classes before beginning to teach.
Operations & Admin Volunteers
Our Operations & Admin Volunteers make all our projects and programmes possible. See our volunteer needs in this area:
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Creator
  • Fundraising Committee
If any of these positions interest you or if you have other skills to offer, please reach out to info@yogacommunity.org
Get Involved
Yoga teachers certified for 200 hours or more of yoga teacher training at the International Yoga Academy and Anahata Yoga studio may sign up to volunteer with AYC. We also welcome yoga teachers with other accreditations to get involved in our community - please reach out for more details to info@yogacommunity.org.
Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program
AYC is pleased to offer a number of courses to aid and support the development of yoga teachers across our community. The courses provide attendees with practical lessons in the ability to teach yoga and yoga therapy elements to yoga students at a beginner level. Anahata Studio yoga masters will conduct each of these courses. Please refer to the latest news and announcements on social media for these workshops.
of volunteers
Certified Teachers
Certified Therapists
1. On June 17, three participants attended an AYC Yoga Therapy class at HKBU Hospital. The class Led by instructor Patsy, the session began with seated chair exercises, followed by various breathing techniques and targeted stretches for different body parts, including the neck, hands, shoulders, and upper back. Later, ankles then participants , transitioned to standing yoga poses, focusing on calf muscles, hamstrings, and the lower back. Students worked diligently throughout the class and reported feeling relieved afterward.
2. A lovely class today to start on Monday morning and all students did very well in the practice to stretch and strengthen the body.
3. Back, core and legs strengthen are focused for the wellbeing of seniors.
4. The class is amazing, the students have really good effort to follow the teacher.
5. Since a couple of participants mentioned about pain issues. We started the class with breathing awareness and sun salutations to warm up the body. Followed by back strengthening and balancing for better postures and pain relief.
6. Excellent class taught by master Yogananth. Indian government tv was filming so students worked very hard and enthusiastically! Well done!
7. Today we have done a great warm up and strengthening exercise including upper body lengthening.
8. Last class of this batch. The girls have shown lots of improvement in their asanas, but more importantly their attitude, efforts, and discipline.
9. On June 7th, a group of 23 participants—comprising 5 males and 18 females—attended an Adaptive Yoga Class (AYC) specifically designed for pain patients for QE Hospital. The class, led by Master Vishnu, focused on alleviating discomfort through targeted yoga practices. Here’s a breakdown of what the class covered: Stretching Poses: Participants engaged in stretching exercises that targeted various areas, including the neck, arms, hands, shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Strengthening Exercises: After the initial stretches, the class progressed to strengthening exercises using a strap. These exercises aimed to strengthen lower back and leg muscles (thighs and calves) and alleviate knee discomfort. They were designed to enhance blood circulation to all joints. Breathing Techniques: The session concluded with the practice of specific breathing techniques. Controlled breathing can have a calming effect and contribute to overall well-being. Master Vishnu also explained the potential benefits of Yoga Therapy exercises for relieving acute and chronic pain, particularly for conditions like lower back and cervical pain, as well as knee pain.
10. Class was very good.The class was a mixed practice of hatha and vinyasa,a combination of stretching and strengthening.Today Indian state owned Television channel DD National came to shoot the whole class so it was a wonderful experience for all of us.
11. On Friday, June 14th, amidst heavy rain, a therapeutic yoga class took place. Master Yogananth skillfully led the session, meticulously explaining the benefits of each pose for overall health. The class commenced with various breathing techniques, followed by seated exercises that incorporated stretches and strength-building poses targeting the neck, shoulders, fingers, arms, upper back, and chest. Participants then engaged in ‘cat’ and ‘table’ stretching poses, transitioning to exercises performed while lying down, which focused on the lower back, glutes, hips, hamstrings, calves, and ankles. Core strengthening and twisting poses were also included. The session concluded with a standing wall series to practice balance poses, followed by eye exercises. After the class, all students felt relaxed and energized.A TV firming to capture video footage of this Yoga Therapy class for QE hospital pain patients .
12. Master Yogananth teaches a full body yoga class, especially more details for Indian TV shooting in class. Students are very excited when Si Fu is teaching each time.
13. The men in the group have a tendency to round their backs when doing seated hamstring and hip opening exercises. It is recommended they sit on blocks to help them lengthen. Students really enjoyed Shirley’s challenge in getting into a shoulder stand.
14. Students did very well, positive energy and welcoming new teacher very warmly. They are very happy to try new things.
15. Today we mostly work on the body strengthening and lengthening.
16. Great and I enjoyed teaching yoga class with this group. Thank you AYC for the opportunity.
17. Great energy! Students were enthusiastic to learn the postures and practice on their own.
18. Students very committed to class and very engaging.
19. They are very engaging and happy.
20. Some poses were challenged, however, they feel accomplished afterwards.