AYC is a charitable organisation powered by volunteers. Your donation and support allows us to open up our programmes and share the benefits of yoga to the communities most in need.
The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages.

For patients going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of their treatment and potentially hasten healing. Yoga can support the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.

Breathing, yoga-based movement, and mindful meditation, helps children, youth and students bring their attention to the present moment and prepares them for learning time.

Yoga helps elderly people find their centre and strengthen their core, leading to improved balance that can help reduce risk of falling. Group yoga can also provide a space for greater connection and community.

Overall, yoga can be adapted to all types of bodies to bring about physical and mental benefits. Yoga helps individuals to find greater openness in their bodies and confidence in themselves.

1. Class went by very quickly today. I hope the students enjoyed it
2. An elderly who is 75 year old join our class today, she is ego to learn. We did some poses for stretching & strengthen and end with pranayama. A beautiful practice with all AYC students.
3. 2 classes 8+6=14 Gentle yoga stretching and Humming Bee Breath helps seniors into states of deeper calm relaxation. Meditation with Singing bowl, seniors love it very much.
4. Assistance on bodies adjusting. All students were so focusing. They all enjoyed every movement in the class.
5. Deep stretching and hips opening to improve their strengthening balance and reducing stress. They said after they joined yoga class, they felt their bodies flexible than before.
6. Shared a grounding pranayama practice today. Hope that the students felt refreshed from the practice
7. I tried to teach poses for the participants to strengthen core muscles and balancing which are beneficial to seniors. I felt very happy after the class.
8. Quite loud today as there was an event going around us and we need to spread out more between the groups. But we all still enjoyed practicing together - a precious hour each week!
9. Students are satisfied with a big smiles after class. Always good to stretching out and twists.
10. Great class. Full of energy. Teresa mentioned her legs used to have cramping quite often before but not as often since she started regular yoga practice.
11. Such a happy thing to teach this group. Students are squeeze their time when their kids go to school.They ego to relax their mind and body.
12. Was very fun and happy class today:) I learnt a lot from our senior volunteer teachers. Thank you
13. Class was tailor made and therapeutic poses helps students to release the tension. Everyone carry a big smile after class
14. We had a beautiful practice under the sun and see breeze! We did full body warm up, and practiced some asanas focused on standing balance and seated twisting. One of the student who has a mild lower back pain said that she felt much better after the class which made my heart full filled with happiness..!
15. Hatha vinyasa style class - full body stretch and strength focus - finished with twisting poses focused on hip and lower back region. Great energy and enthusiasm from students!
16. Had a gentle class today as I was feeling quite sore and glad that the students enjoyed the stretching and restorative poses
17. Today's practice is a good mixture of core and twisting poses. Everyone feels energetic and relaxed after the class. Thank you Miss Vikki for the wonderful class.
18. Enjoyable class as always. We focus on core and twisting in our practice today. It is happy to see the efforts and improvements.
19. Good. Engage a lot core strengthening pose to build up body muscle and reduce lower back pain.
20. Gentle warm up followed by poses to stretch and strengthen hamstrings, core and back as well as loosen hip. Ended with relaxing pranayama.
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