AYC is a charitable organisation powered by volunteers. Your donation and support allows us to open up our programmes and share the benefits of yoga to the communities most in need.
The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages.

For patients going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of their treatment and potentially hasten healing. Yoga can support the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.

Breathing, yoga-based movement, and mindful meditation, helps children, youth and students bring their attention to the present moment and prepares them for learning time.

Yoga helps elderly people find their centre and strengthen their core, leading to improved balance that can help reduce risk of falling. Group yoga can also provide a space for greater connection and community.

Overall, yoga can be adapted to all types of bodies to bring about physical and mental benefits. Yoga helps individuals to find greater openness in their bodies and confidence in themselves.

1. Great Class. I especially love the heart pose, it maximum stretch to my entire spine· Breath freely after class, thank you so much
2. The energy of today’s class was great! We had shoulders opening exercise by using towel and wall assisted to begin the class. Then we worked of hips and hamstrings. We also addressed the lower back tightness of the students by working on core strengthening as well as lower back stretching. Overall was a very relaxing practice.
3. Teacher Nana guided us in this yoga class very well and I always try to keep up smoothly in between my daily activity. Keep the yoga practice flowing~
4. Such a happy, fun class. Thank you AYC and teachers for the unconditional love.
5. I enjoy the yoga session today. Very nice to get refreshing yoga practice in the afternoon.
6. I enjoyed teaching and share my passion and knowledge. Hope the participants liked it too.
7. Another new poses learned today and they’re really good stretching. I felt like it stretched my body more and more. The teacher has a clear instructions as well but I hope it’s more louder next time. Thank you AYC family. Namaste. Til next week! 🙏🧘‍♀️
8. Another balanced session with stretch and strengthening. Students mentioned shoulder stiffness and hope to do more upper back stretch.
9. I enjoyed the class very much. Teacher easily shift my focus on my body movement and breathing. Thank you so much.
10. I fall in love with yoga after my 1st class with AYC. My joint can move freely, my body feel lighter and I actually feel happier, too.
11. Excellent. Tanny taught a very comprehensive class. Poses started while seating - flexibility and strengthening and then standing ( triangle, triangle twist, warrior pose) and strengthening. We ended with poses on the floor and she also continued with bridge pose and finally winding down poses with twists on the floor. Hazel provided valuable tips on assisting and stretching students. Students excited to be invited to join Friday pain management class in studio.
12. Chair yoga is a great way for elderly to start yoga.We tailor made the class and make yoga accessible to more people.
13. I gave a class based on fundamental standing and seated poses after gently whole body warm up. There was one student who has a shoulder pain so I gave some modifications for her.
14. Dr Yogananth led a fun and interactive class with kids from ages 4-8 who are undergoing NAI (Non accidental injury) treatment. Children were full of enthusiasm of all yoga poses they have learnt and energy boost up naturally. Kids’s smiling face and happy is priceless.
15. Today’s class was a gentle morning flow where students were guided through various asanas including warrior variations and different hamstring stretches. It was a delightful and grateful practice where students gave highly positive feedback after the class saying that they have really enjoyed themselves and have had a very good stretch!
16. Today’s class was a post-typhoon windy morning flow with emphasis on body stretches and alignment. Students were very energetic and participated fully as they practiced through the flow.
17. This is my first class teaching in Youth outreach, from the first day of the observing, til now I can see they improve a lot and really enjoy in yoga. They really try hard to go into it. I learn while I teach🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
18. Great! Finding balance in my life, through practicing yoga I found the way.
19. Stretching focus for shoulder, back and hamstring. Students feel good right after the class.
20. I can follow the breathe technique smoothly and follow the guidance from the teacher. However, I feel one of my leg numb easily, teacher suggested I can sit on the block or release my legs sometimes. Thank you so much.
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