AYC is a charitable organisation powered by volunteers. Your donation and support allows us to open up our programmes and share the benefits of yoga to the communities most in need.
The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages.

For patients going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of their treatment and potentially hasten healing. Yoga can support the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.

Breathing, yoga-based movement, and mindful meditation, helps children, youth and students bring their attention to the present moment and prepares them for learning time.

Yoga helps elderly people find their centre and strengthen their core, leading to improved balance that can help reduce risk of falling. Group yoga can also provide a space for greater connection and community.

Overall, yoga can be adapted to all types of bodies to bring about physical and mental benefits. Yoga helps individuals to find greater openness in their bodies and confidence in themselves.

1. Amber rain signal was hoisted a few hours before class and weather was very bad. Limited space on pier available due to water and groups seeking shelter in the pier. Students who attended have great energy and focus to their practice in difficult conditions. Hatha style class focused on full body strength and mobility.
2. Student numbers were down - probably due to poor weather. Hatha style class and students gave great energy and enjoyed the class.
3. It was awesome. The students and teachers came to class even under amber rainstorm. It’s very impressive.
4. The student practice regularly with no pain issues. We focused on shoulder mobility, back care and core stability today.
5. In the first class of this series, the students are keen on trying the stretching and strengthening poses, getting a sense of their edges in their flexibility and stamina.
6. Well structured Clear instructions Smooth timing All students complied in
7. Happy to assist Master Vishnu, students get used to his teaching and willing to try more. Good to see the students’ improve, always our motivation.
8. All mums were so focused and gave their great effort to try all poses. Some of them are the first time on yoga. They are really enjoy this "Me Time" very much.
9. Class started with Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, which helps to calms our mind and rejuvenates the nervous system. Stretching exercises with breathing. Downdog with blocks, cat cow spinal alignment, core strengthening, lower back relaxation.
10. Yoga for seniors could sound very challenging but its countless health benefits in alleviating pain conditions and mental stress made it an extremely valuable opportunity for seniors to reach their full potential. The session was very well-structured and was tailor made for seniors of all ages. With a lot of hands-on adjustments based on different participants’ body needs, the class was interactive, energetic and full of laughter! Highly accessible to students of all levels, the class was definitely a refreshing and encouraging one!
11. Very humid conditions so focused on yin style practice and pranayama for cooling. Excellent class - students applied themselves very well with lots of joy and smiles throughout!
12. Hatha flow class with focus on full body strength and stretch. Very hot and humid - students gave good focus and energy to their practice - lots of smiles too!
13. The one on one session allows spontaneous poses to target stiff shoulders, and weak arms and lower back. It was a very practical and fruitful time for both the teacher and student.
14. Great practice today with positive vibes and energy. We enjoyed the variations with binds and twists. Thank you AYC for bringing us together.
15. Good. Quite a few student has wrist pain, we need some stretching pose at beginning, and then knee plank pose, warrior pose for strengthening, ending with tree pose for balancing and lengthening.
16. Great practice, well done everyone. I m happy to be part of team. Thank you AYC
17. The student is generally healthy with no pain issues or injuries, so we had a balanced practice overall.
18. Was not many students today but it is good that we did 1-1 class and focus on helping them particularly
19. I am very touched when Si Fu Master Yogananth walked into the studio and students were clapping for him. Si Fu been not teaching in this class for awhile, everyone including myself just too happy to see him again.
20. Students are working hard. There are also good interaction with the students, sharing positive feedback after the classes.
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