Yoga is known for mostly its health benefits, but it also can provide stress relief, mindfulness, building of a sense of community and friendship. These benefits of practising yoga are what we want to share through the Andiappan Yoga Community.
Enjoy the benefits of yoga with Andiappan Yoga Community
AYC is a charity and our mission is to share the benefits of yoga. We provide free yoga classes to the wider public. Our four core areas of work are:
1. Thank you teacher Keith, we are so grateful to have yoga class. thanks AYC
2. Thank you AYC organising yoga class for us. I feel healthier and become happier.
3. Energy reboot after class, full body stretching was awesome.
4. That was awesome🥰 thank you so much coach emily love you❤️
5. Nice teacher and good exercise. Yoga is the best activity on my holiday.
6. Thank you AYC
7. Namaste very good relaxing and enjoy All teachers is good
8. Enjoy so much slow movements and deep breathing, it increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding a pose also can build strength.
9. Yoga classes can ease loneliness and like a group healing and support. Thank you AYC
10. Yoga helps me manage stress and quality sleep.
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