Yoga is known for mostly its health benefits, but it also can provide stress relief, mindfulness, building of a sense of community and friendship. These benefits of practising yoga are what we want to share through the Andiappan Yoga Community.
Enjoy the benefits of yoga with Andiappan Yoga Community
AYC is a charity and our mission is to share the benefits of yoga. We provide free yoga classes to the wider public. Our four core areas of work are:
1. Happy Thursday Parayama and Meditation Practice.Good for our Mental Health..Thank you Teacher VictoriaπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ™ Thank you AYCπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ NAMASTEπŸ™
2. Have fun, enjoyable and feel better after class. Thank you for the class.
3. I enjoy a lot every class with AYC. See you again next week! Thanks a lot!
4. It was fun and makes me decide to come back for next week! Thank you!
5. Happy November! Thank you for teaching us how to strengthen the abdomen muscle Thank you teacher Swathy. Namaste πŸ™
6. Good weather, good time with AYC. Feel energetic after a morning practice.
7. Today class was very good. I am happy to start yoga to start my week. Thank you πŸ™
8. Great practice today.It was amazing. Thank you AYC. Namaste
9. happy to practice with different Master, I learnt a lot from class and I apply on my daily life. Thank you very much.
10. Class is nice and instruction was so clear and easy to follow. Feeling happy after class. Thank you πŸ™
11. it was so good! How wonderful with a deep stretching on Sunday morning, Thank you AYC
12. Shes very good teacher
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