Yoga is known for mostly its health benefits, but it also can provide stress relief, mindfulness, building of a sense of community and friendship. These benefits of practising yoga are what we want to share through the Andiappan Yoga Community.
Enjoy the benefits of yoga with Andiappan Yoga Community
AYC is a charity and our mission is to share the benefits of yoga. We provide free yoga classes to the wider public. Our four core areas of work are:
1. Thank you for the yoga class today, feel so relax and refreshing after class ❤️
2. Today's class was enjoyable and focused on stretching.Thanks AYC teacher today.
3. I'm so happy the AYC decided to have the Saturday yoga class back.I was able to practice one again.Thank you so much.
4. Namaste thank you so much for resuming Saturday class. I miss my yoga practice and thank you AYC.
5. Thank you for your guidance teacher Nicole. Namaste 🙏🕉️🧘‍♀️
6. Thank you teacher Swathy. It was good session. Namaste 🙏🕉️
7. Thank you teacher's for teaching us today I'm so grateful to join in class namaste 🕉️🙏
8. Thanks for the Yin Yoga session to get the Moon energy. I enjoy the class and felt sleepy easily. Namaste 🙏🕉️🧘‍♀️
9. It was so good, Yoga reduces my stress.Thank you
10. I truly enjoy myself in the practice. Thank you teacher Swaty and thank you AYC organise classes for us.
11. Feeling of harmony between my mind and body, very interesting 🙂🙂
12. It was ver good stretch and happy class.Thank you so much.
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