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Dear Volunteer Teachers & Students, We are happy for class resuming after a long period of time, in order to protect everyone, we need to keep a few things in mind for the success of these classes. Please find the below guidelines for attending AYC Yoga class: • All new students must register at https://www.yogacommunity.org/student-enrollment/ and complete the  disclaimer on the AYC website before joining the class. Show the email acknowledgment to the teacher before the class. • The AYC volunteers/teachers will have to make arrangements in the class sizing and spacing. We...
Dear Students, We hope you are well and staying safe. In compliance with the latest government regulations, our AYC Community On Site Yoga Projects and new enrolment of volunteers are on hold until the lockdown measures are eased. In the meantime, Online Yoga Class will be continued as usual. For Ongoing YTT Students, to join and observe AYC Online Yoga Class, please download the “Andiappan Yoga Community’ app from Apple Appstore or Google PlayStore and join through the links sent via push notifications. Thank you for your support and understanding. Please stay tuned for our next...
Chinese New Year is not just a time for joyous celebration and feasting on delicious food but also to share your love and blessings with those around you. Donation Your Red Packet – Support us to enrich people’s lives with yoga The Andiappan Yoga Community is a non-profit, fully volunteer organization. We believe in the benefits of yoga and our mission is to share yoga with those who may not be able to afford classes and those who may have special needs or circumstances. DONATE NOW: 
AYC is continuing its mission of enriching lives with yoga by partnering with various distinguished organizations and offering free yoga classes taught by our dedicated volunteers. We are inviting graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training course to volunteer for the ongoing and upcoming projects. 1. Youth Outreach – Sai Wan Ho
Every Monday (Start from 3 Jan 2022)
7:30 – 8:30pm 2. SoCO – Sham Shui Po
Every Wednesday (Start from 12 Jan 2022)
10:30 – 11:30am 3. Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organziations Alliance – Lai Chi Kok
Every Friday (Start from 14 Jan...
Dear YTT Graduate As you have completed the Teacher Training Program at International Yoga Academy & Anahata Yoga, we invite you to become a volunteer yoga teacher and teach yoga to the people of various communities in Hong Kong and online. As some of our onsite projects will start in Jan . We are inviting interested volunteers to apply for these projects to gain valuable teaching experience and take the opportunity to give back to the community. Please find below link for the list of projects that are currently ongoing and starting soon. https://www.yogacommunity.org/our-projects/ How to...
It was a pleasure to have an interactive experience and connect with our new volunteers. This event provided a clear view of AYC’s vision, milestones achieved, and the way forward. It set forth a new era allowing the open-mindedness and creative platform for all possibilities to enrich people’s lives through yoga. Together we can strive to make this world a better place to live! Stay tuned for our next meeting! Thank you for being part of the Andiappan Yoga Community. Namaste!
Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) held another training on “How to Teach and Assist Therapeutic Poses for Frozen Shoulder Conditions” by Master Dilip on 11 December 2021. The workshop was very informative. Master Dilip shares a lot of personal experience and specific hands-on & teaching skills for frozen shoulder conditions. These techniques will be invaluable for us. An interactive way of teaching and learning. It was a fun and knowledgeable session. There will be more training coming. You will learn more techniques for teaching a class to specific groups. Stay tuned!
Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) is pleased to have partnered with Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Rehabilitation Support Centre in providing a free yoga class to the children with developmental disorders. Yoga helps children to develop better body awareness, emotional balance and concentration. On 30/11, Master Yogananth and Master Mahesh taught the first class. Masters began the class by introducing yoga to the children, sharing the benefits of yoga. Followed by practising a variety of animal-themed yoga poses the children love. Concluded with a breathing exercise to calm the children and a recap of...
Yoga is a good way to raise youngsters’ awareness physically and mentally. Regular practice helps to boost their motivation and determination in study and work. This class also offered an opportunity and a safe environment for young people to gather with their friends, at the same time to share positive energy. It was a first time yoga experience for most of them. They found it challenging while enjoying a lot! They showed interest in yoga and raised many questions after the session. We are happy for the outcome and looking forward to collaborating more in the future to share the benefits...
Last Saturday Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) held another training on “How to Teach Chakra Meditation for beginners” by Master Anurag. Master Anurag began the session by introducing what are chakras and how they affect our body and mind. Followed by the preparations and the technical points on how to instruct a 30-45 mins chakra meditation. Teaching intention, meditative posture and chakras visualization are emphasized. Some participants are even invited to guide a short sessions and feedback were given on how to do better. Master encouraged participants to think by giving questions and...
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