Support Andiappan Yoga Community Projects and help enrich people’s lives through yoga.  IRIS is HK’s largest Fitness and Wellness festival, and it will return on September 21/22. Participants can enjoy all classes at 6 stages from yoga to workout to meditation. AYC’s founder Dr. Yogananth Andiappan will be teaching at the event. Andiappan Yoga Community supports IRIS to raise awareness about health and well being. IRIS has generously donated coupon codes to raise funds for the AYC activities. Funds received with the sale of these tickets will be used to support our AYC...
「治療瑜伽課程-乳腺癌康復者」 – 由Andiappan瑜伽社區舉辦 免費課程,我們將提供瑜伽墊和用具。 教學語言:粵語 從練習瑜伽,乳腺癌患者可以得到以下的好處: ‧ 認識冥想和放鬆技巧,以減輕恐懼和焦慮 ‧ 從練習溫和的瑜伽式子和冥想,疲勞和疼痛均會有顯著的減輕 ‧ 有助淋巴疏通,特別對於正接受治療的患者。 ‧ 更快速地恢復正常生活。 課程均由經過訓練及擁有治療瑜伽認證的高質素瑜伽導師教授。 課程中的練習均由Yogananth...
Dear Teaching Volunteer      Please read the Important guidelines below   1) Sharing class photos/videos to social media:    Volunteers are advised NOT to directly share the photos or videos taken from the classes to their personal social media pages. It is adviced that volunteers share photos and videos uploaded to AYC’s website and AYC’s Facebook page. This is part of the privacy terms and conditions AYC agreed with the students, volunteers and various organisations we work with. Please remind your respective group(s) and all the teachers teaching in that project.
To Download the app in Google play store please click this link To Download the app in the Apple app store please click this link To encourage our students to practice yoga regularly we have now introduced an app to register your attendance and get rewards for completing the milestones. This app also enables volunteer teachers to register teaching attendance and get rewarded for their dedication. To read the FAQ on  how to use the app as a Yoga Student please click here To read  the FAQ on how to use the app as a Teaching Volunteer please click here For Students attending the...
AYC is continuing its mission of enriching lives with yoga by partnering with various distinguished organizations and offering free yoga classes taught by our dedicated volunteers.  We are inviting graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training course to volunteer for the ongoing and upcoming projects. Project Name Location Day and Class Time Required Qualification for Teachers Project Status/  How to apply Tai Kok Tsui – Yoga for women from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Every Monday 10.30-11.30am All YTT Graduates Ongoing Apply...
If you have graduated from an International Yoga Academy teacher training program with 200 hours or more — and have been issued a certificate — you are eligible to become a volunteer yoga teacher for Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC). If you have not yet received an email invitation to join our community, Please click here for the step by step guideline to register as an AYC Volunteer.
Thank you SCMP for featuring M/s Kitty a student of our Lok Sin Tong Yoga Therapy for Elderly Project. It’s time to help promote and increase awareness about the benefits of yoga and how it can be beneficial for all age groups. Thank you Ms.Angela (Project Leader) and Other Dedicated Volunteers M/s Rita, M/s Shirley M/s Jennifer and others for love and support. https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/article/2170335/staying-active-key-staying-alive-longer-and-youre-never To Know more details about our Lok Sin Tong Yoga Therapy Project please visit...
  Under the guidance of Master Yogananth Andiappan and the team of dedicated volunteers, we have over 15 live projects that are conducted in various parts of HK. Some of the projects now require teaching volunteers and you can apply as per the requirements. If you have not registered as a volunteer please do so now by registering on our website and you can apply. Please refer to this file if you have any questions about how to apply for these projects. If you have not registered and to register as a teaching volunteers please refer the above link. Project Name: Tai Kok Tsui...
Andiappan Yoga Community and Queen Elizabeth Hospital have partnered to run yoga therapy programs at the Rehabilitation Centre of the hospital from 3rd October 2019. AYC’s founder Dr. Yogananth Andiappan introduced Andiappan Yoga Therapy sequence for the neck and back conditions to the patients.  The class was assisted by Master Mahesh and AYC Volunteer Teachers M/s Cherly, M/s Eva Kunyi and M/s Claro Ho.  This class will regularly take place every Monday from 3 – 4 pm.  All the Teacher Volunteers are qualified with Yoga Therapy Certification to teach patients with special...
Andiappan Yoga Community gives scholarships to deserving students who attend our classes regularly for over one year and are interested and showed a deep commitment to pursuing a career in teaching yoga. This year we have sponsored 5 students to complete a Yoga Teacher Training Course and they are now teaching and assisting our AYC projects in Hong Kong. The 5 Students are
  1. Aphrodite Ellynne Baritua
  2. Marilou Daupan
  3. Digna Pacsi
  4. Aubrey Prejoles
  5. Daisy Eugenio
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