(AYCCEP) How To Teach Laughter Yoga To Students To Help Destress And Relax - Master Dhiraj

How To Teach Laughter Yoga To Students To Help Destress And Relax – Master Dhiraj – ONLINE SESSION ONLY

Date:  18th December 2022, Sunday

Time:  2 – 3:30 pm (GMT +8 Hong Kong Time)


Workshop Price: 

  • HK$300 
  • Open for all participants 所有參與者


  • HK$255 
  • Participants who attended pervious Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program (AYCCEP) workshop are eligible to get a 15% discount off. 參加 AYC持續進修計劃工作坊的參與者可享有15%折扣


  • HK$0 
  • Any present AYC project leaders &  star Volunteers who currently teaching at Andiappan Yoga Community, kindly WhatsApp +852 6995 7621 for reservation 任何現在的項目負責人與星級義工

Online link will be sent to you one day before the workshop day. 在線進行的工作坊會在前一天透過電郵傳送給參與工作坊的參與者

A workshop participation e-certificate will be provided to all the AYC Volunteers who participate in this workshop.  電子證書將頒發給工作坊參予者

About the workshop:

How to teach laughter yoga to students to help destress and relax – Master Dhiraj

Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques (also known as Pranayama) which brings more oxygen to our body and thereby makes us feel more energetic and empowered. As a modern form of yoga, it is a highly effective alternative to assist practitioners in improving their psychological well-being and in reducing anxiety.

In fact, intentional (simulated) laughter can provide both physical and mental benefits equal to those of spontaneous laughter – which is often contagious in itself and can promote positivity and optimism to people around us. The incorporation of breath work, meditation and mindful stretches in a Laughter Yoga session would help you relax, let go of daily stress and is suitable for people of all ages!

Come and explore the benefits of Laughter Yoga through this workshop and be prepared to leave feeling lighter, happier and kinder!

如何教授大笑瑜伽來幫助學生減壓和放鬆工作坊 – Master Dhiraj


事實上,有意的(模擬的)笑聲可以提供與自發的笑聲相同的身心益處 – 這本身通常具有傳染性,並且可以促進我們周圍人的積極性和樂觀情緒。在大笑瑜伽課程中結合呼吸練習、冥想和正念伸展,可以幫助您放鬆身心,釋放日常壓力,適合所有年齡段的人!


Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program (AYCCEP)


AYC is pleased to offer a number of courses to aid and support the development of yoga teachers across our community. The courses provide attendees with practical tuition in the ability to teach yoga and yoga therapy elements to yoga students at a beginner level. Attendees will benefit from the extensive skill and experience of the Anahata studio yoga masters who will conduct each of the courses available

This new program will be launched in August and is for yoga teachers/yoga practitioners interested in growing their teaching techniques.

The program is for you if:

  1. you are eager to learn, deepen and expand knowledge of yoga;
  2. you want to learn how to improve harmony between body, mind and soul;
  3. you are looking for a comprehensive, well structured, and safe teaching approach; and,
  4. you have a desire to share the art of healing or therapeutic way with others.

Each workshop will include theory, practical sequencing and teaching techniques, and workshops will be taught by experienced teachers with free course materials to be provided to all the participants.  

安迪潘瑜伽聯盟很高興地提供及開設多種課程來協助和支持我們組織內的瑜伽導師發展。 這些課程為參加者提供實用的教學技巧,使他們能夠學懂教授瑜伽和瑜伽療法的元素給瑜伽初學者。Anahata Studio 的瑜伽大師們將會分享他們的豐富技能,經驗和精彩的課堂給課程參予者。


  1. 您渴望學習、深化和擴展瑜伽知識;
  2. 希望學習如何平衡身、心、靈之間的和諧;
  3. 您正在尋找一種全面、循序漸進完整且安全的教學方法;
  4. 和渴望與他人分享治療或療癒旅程。



As 100% of the funds raised from this event as donation goes to support the community yoga projects of  Andiappan Yoga Community, no refunds will be given.


由於捐款 100% 捐給 Andiappan Yoga Community,因此不作退款。