(AYCCEP) Yoga And Functional Fitness For Specific Audiences - Mr C K Tsim

(AYCCEP) Yoga and Functional Fitness for Specific Audiences – Mr C K Tsim 瑜珈與不同受眾的功能性訓練


With its ever-growing popularity, yoga has been the topic of numerous research studies in the field of sports science. This workshop aims to gather these findings and provide evidence-based knowledge to deepen the understanding about how yoga can be used to improve the functional fitness of a selected group of audiences. This facilitates better and learning and teaching in a more scientific manner while still enjoying the benefits of traditional yoga knowledge.

The workshop includes basic concepts in functional fitness and needs analysis involved in learning and practicing yoga, as well as the specific movement needs of selected audiences. Practical demonstration and interaction will be provided whenever appropriate.

Let’s explore the potential of combining science into the traditional teaching of yoga asanas!


隨著瑜珈日益普及, 眾多運動科學研究都以其作為主題. 本工作坊的目的是透過歸納及分享這些科研實證知識, 加深參加者對瑜珈用於功能性訓練的理解, 以及了解不同受眾的訓練需求. 從而鼓勵大家以科學化的角度去享受傳統瑜珈的教與學.

工作坊內容包括適用於瑜珈教與學的功能性訓練基礎概念, 以及一系列受眾的訓練需求. 如有需要, 參加者會參與互動式示範.


Date & Time 日期時間


22 April 2023 (Sat), 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (GMT +8 Hong Kong Time)

Functional fitness and yoga

29 April 2023 (Sat), 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (GMT +8 Hong Kong Time)

Needs analysis for Children, Office worker, Elderly and Yoga teachers


2023年4月22日(六), 下午1時至5時 (香港時間 GMT +8)


2023年4月29日(六), 下午1時至5時 (香港時間 GMT +8)

兒童, 辦公室人員, 長者及瑜珈老師的訓練需求

Workshop Price: 

  1. HK$400 (1 class or 2 classes, same price)

For all studio participants


  1. HK$300 (1 class or 2 classes, same price)

For all online participants, project leaders and AYC volunteers who are currently NOT teaching for the Andiappan Yoga Community

所有在線參與者和任何以往的AYC項目負責人與義工 (參與一堂或兩堂都是同樣價錢)

  1. HK$0

Any present AYC project leaders & Volunteers who currently teaching at Andiappan Yoga Community, kindly WhatsApp +852 6995 7621 for reservation 

任何現在的項目負責人與義工,請 whatsapp +852 6995 7621 預留位置。


Online link will be sent to you one day before the workshop day.