Raffle Ticket - 9th International Yoga Day, 17 June 2023
Raffle Ticket - 9th International Yoga Day, 17 June 2023
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AYC’s vision to bring accessible yoga to all would not come true without the generous support of our volunteers and the local community. Apart from providing free yoga classes to different community groups such as breast cancer survivors, the elderly, drug abusers and the financially disadvantaged, AYC has also been supporting young people, children and vulnerable women through cooperating with different local social organisations and education institutions. With the pandemic’s long-lasting impact, it is during these critical times that AYC has continued to ride on public support in further initiating numerous volunteer projects to reach out and empower more people through yoga.

With this in mind and to raise further funds for AYC so that it can continue with launching more free yoga projects for people in need in the future, we sincerely invite you all to participate in our raffle ticket sales on the International Day of Yoga. The raffle tickets are sold at:
HK$300 One ticket
HK$500 Two tickets

Join hands with us to support AYC’s work and for a chance to win MASSIVE prizes as generously sponsored by Anahata Yoga and Dr. Yogananth Andiappan.


Grand prize: A one-hour private class with Master Yogananth

Second prize: One YTT 100-hour Teacher Training (valued at HK$18,000)

Third prize: A 6 months membership of one class per day (valued at HK$5,988)

(Please note that the purchase of raffle tickets is not eligible for donation receipts.  And purely Raffle ticket is not entry ticket)

Join us now!

如果沒有我們的義工和社區的慷慨支持,AYC 將瑜伽普及到所有人的願景是無法實現。 AYC除了為乳癌康復者、長者、吸毒者、弱勢社群等不同社群提供免費瑜伽課程外,AYC亦透過與本地不同社會組織及教育機構合作,支援青少年、兒童及弱勢婦女。 由於之前疫情的長期影響,正是在這些關鍵時期,AYC 繼續依靠公眾的支持,進一步發起眾多義工項目,透過瑜伽教學給予更多人身體和心靈上的力量。

考慮到這一點,並為 AYC 籌集更多資金,以便它能夠在未來繼續為有需要的人推出更多免費瑜伽項目,我們誠摯地邀請大家參加我們在國際瑜伽日的抽獎活動。
抽獎券一張: 港幣300元
抽獎券兩張: 港幣500元

邀請您與我們攜手支持 AYC 的工作,並有機會贏取由 Anahata Yoga 和 Yogananth Andiappan 博士慷慨贊助的巨額獎品。


大獎:Yogananth 大師的一小時私人課堂

二等獎:YTT 100小時教師培訓一份(價值港幣18,000元)