(AYCCEP) How To Sequence A Class For Beginners - Dr. Yogananth 如何為初階學生編排瑜伽課堂流程

(AYCCEP) How to sequence a class for beginners – Dr. Yogananth 



As yoga teachers, whether seasoned or freshly graduated, we all understand that class sequencing can be difficult, and at times, challenging. Especially when the class is fully packed with beginners, the importance of delivering a smooth, safe yet educational sequence of asanas would be even more apparent. To assist yoga teachers in creating their own yoga class plans and sequences, AYC is happy to offer a 1-hour workshop to guide teachers in putting together an accessible yoga sequence for beginners.

With the huge popularity of yoga all over the world, it is important for yoga teachers to make right choices of what to put in their classes so that their students’ experience and practice can be elevated in a safe and pleasant manner. Going beyond mechanical repetitions of a series of set postures, we encourage you all to come explore how an effective sequencing of transitions and asanas can make a difference in your teaching.


作為瑜伽老師,無論是經驗豐富的還是剛畢業的,我們都知道課堂中編排課堂流程並不容易,有時甚至具有挑戰性。尤其是當課堂上擠滿了初學者時,提供流暢、安全且有效的式子排序更為重要。為了幫助瑜伽老師制定自己的瑜伽課堂流程,AYC 很樂意提供一個 1 小時的工作坊,以指導教師為初學者制定易於理解的瑜伽課堂序列。


Date & Time 日期時間 


Date: 1 July 2023 (Saturday), 2023年7月1日(六)

Time: 2:30 – 3:30 pm (GMT +8 Hong Kong Time), 下午2時30分至3時30分 (香港時間 GMT +8)

Venue: Anahata Yoga, 20/F, One Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, HK

地點:Anahata Yoga, 香港中環擺花街擺花1號廣場20樓

Workshop Price: 



For all participants (studio & Online)



Free for all ongoing project leaders and past and present star volunteers who currently teaching at Andiappan Yoga Community, kindly WhatsApp +852 6995 7621 for reservation. 

任何現在的項目負責人與星級義工, whatsapp +852 6995 7621 預留位置


Online link will be sent to you one day before the workshop day.