Apple Lui
Hong Kong
Since 2013, I started practicing yoga just for the heath benefit and of curiosity. Only after 3 years of practice, I have started became serious about it.  I enjoyed feeling the rhythm of  every asana and move, hearing my sound of breathing like the ocean. And when I was sited in crossed-legged posture to empty the mind, I found peace.  In 2016, I decided to take the teacher training class with Anahata Yoga followed by attending a few yoga retreats overseas in the next year.  I would truly like to share with people the physical benefit, joy and peace that I have learnt from my yoga journey.  I am YTT200 certified and I am hoping to involve in volunteer work in the weekends to help those in need. It will be great to learn and share experiences with other yoga volunteers and instructors too! :)  Thanks.