Jing Leong
Jing is from Melbourne, Australia. Jing’s yoga journey commenced through several months of yoga practices at various studios and fitness centres in Hong Kong and in Australia. Her interest in yoga arose from other sporting activities including jogging, hiking, jazz & contemporary dance, and Barre.  Jing particularly enjoyed rest and restoration yoga and decided to seek a yoga teaching certification. Jing learned proper yogi practices by completing her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Course with Anahata Yoga Hong Kong. Under the guidance of her yogi Masters, the course provided Jing with the ability to pursue foundational yoga practices grounded in a theoretical understanding of the body and in particular, the therapeutic benefits of yoga. After overcoming her initial apprehension, she enjoyed learning the traditional yogi practices of Kriya cleansing and meditation. The course enabled Jing to independently practice pranayama and gentle asanas (e.g. cat/cow pose, forward bend, happy baby, fish, warrior I, II and III, triangle, pigeon, etc.)  Jing believes yoga is for everybody and it is a great way to find inner peace. Namaste.