Jin Hee Kim
Hong Kong
Born and raised in S. Korea, Jinhee first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2011, whilst she was working late nights in the fashion industry. At that time, she practiced yoga to merely relieve stress after work from time to time. Upon relocating to Hong Kong to continue her fashion career in 2014, Jinhee discovered that her regular yoga practice not only improved her physical health but also helped her to understand the repetitive thought patterns in her mind, which allowed her to make better decisions in everyday life. Unlike how Jinhee lived a fast-paced life with anxiety and pursued endless pleasure in the past, living a healthy lifestyle and being comfortable with her own body and mind through her yoga practice have changed the most important value in her life -  love, and accepting and cherishing others, including herself, to live in harmony together.
Jinhee deeply appreciates her first Ashtang Vinyasa teacher Clayton Horton who has been guiding her through early morning asana practice where she has developed her self-discipline and has been constantly motivated to live her life with kindness and equanimity since 2020.
She is also thankful to Master Yogananth Andiappan, and many other teachers at Anahata Yoga, where she recently completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course - which gave her a holistic view of yoga, and inspired her to undertake a therapeutic approach in sharing the healthy benefits of yoga with others.
Jinhee believes that yoga is a great tool for maintaining one's health physically and mentally, and she loves to share her yoga knowledge with many others to help them to improve their lives.