Keith Watson

Amber rain signal was hoisted a few hours before class and weather was very bad. Limited space on pier available due to water and groups seeking shelter in the pier. Students who attended have great energy and focus to their … Continued

Keith Watson

Student numbers were down – probably due to poor weather. Hatha style class and students gave great energy and enjoyed the class.

Fan Zhang

The student practice regularly with no pain issues. We focused on shoulder mobility, back care and core stability today.

Cynthia Chan

In the first class of this series, the students are keen on trying the stretching and strengthening poses, getting a sense of their edges in their flexibility and stamina.

Patsy Cheung

Happy to assist Master Vishnu, students get used to his teaching and willing to try more. Good to see the students’ improve, always our motivation.

Law Stella

All mums were so focused and gave their great effort to try all poses. Some of them are the first time on yoga. They are really enjoy this “Me Time” very much.