Yoga class for South Asian with SARDA


  • Yoga class for South Asian with SARDA
The Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) is pleased to partner with the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (SARDA) in offering a community yoga class to communities from different vulnerable groups today!
Today’s workshop aims at encouraging participants to live a healthier, smarter and wealthier life through building happy habits and cultivating positivity in their daily lives.
Following a welcoming speech by Master Yogananth, then participants were led through a series of breathing exercises, dynamic stretches, and standing balancing poses. Strengthening exercises targeting at different leg joints and pain conditions were also introduced to help participants alleviate their physical discomfort experienced during their daily routines.
Elements of singing bowl were incorporated towards the end of the workshop to bring further peace, joy and love to all participants.
Yoga is a holistic and gentle healing method that adopts a variety of tools to help achieve, maintain and enhance recovery. We hope the benefits of yoga can stay with the participants throughout their lifetime and AYC shall continue its mission to bring the benefits of yoga to all!
Thanks to all AYC volunteers and SARDA for their time, devotion and work!
  • AYC很高興與香港戒毒所(SARDA) 合作,提供社區瑜伽課程!
課堂由SARDA 主辦單位和AYC創辦人Yogananth 博士致歡迎詞。
繼而由義工導師Hazel 帶領大家進行一系列呼吸練習、動態伸展和站立平衡動作。 當中亦包括了針對不同腿部關節和疼痛狀況的力量訓練,以幫助參與者緩解日常生活中的身體不適。
瑜伽是一種全面而溫和的治療方法,它採用多種工具來幫助實現、維持和加強恢復。 我們希望瑜伽的好處能夠伴隨參與者一生,AYC將繼續其使命,將瑜伽的好處帶給所有人!
感謝所有 AYC ,義工們和 SARDA 的時間、奉獻和努力!