(AYCCEP) Yoga Therapy Protocol Series – How To Plan And Sequence A Guided Meditation Class To Help Address Stress And Hypertension by Master Anurag on 24 February 2024


On 24 February, another AYCCEP - Yoga Therapy workshop on how to plan and sequence a guided meditation class to help address stress and hypertension was successfully conducted by Master Anurag!
During the workshop, participants were led through a series of techniques and were taught to incorporate different cues into their lessons to bring out the most of yoga! We are delighted to have received some very positive feedback from our participants and we hope you have all walked away with more stress relieving tips!
We will see you all again in our next workshop!
2月24日Anurag 大師為我們舉辦了另一場瑜伽治療工作坊,教授如何設計針對壓力和高血壓的引導冥想課程以幫助緩解壓力和高血壓。