New COVID-19 Measures - Latest Update 30th November 2020

Dear Students

Considering the number of COVID cases are increasing and social distancing measures will be tightened from 2/12, the below AYC Yoga Projects will be put on hold until future notice.
1. AYC Class for The Financially Disadvantaged –
Central, Stanley, Peng Chau, Sai Kung and Discovery Bay
2. Yoga for HK Open University Students
3. Anahata Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors – both Monday and Wednesday
4. Yoga for Homeless in Hong Kong
In the meantime, our Online Yoga Class for All, Online Yoga Therapy Class for Patients from Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Yoga Therapy and Meditation for Drug Abusers (SARDA) will be continued as usual.
Please check the class schedule in and apply through the website.
Thank you for your support and understanding. Please stay tuned for our next announcement when classes are ready to be resumed.
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