Online Yoga class for ALL 免費網上瑜伽課程

04 April 2020

Volunteers Required

Andiappan Yoga Community has arranged online yoga classes as alternate arrangement to support the students those have been participating in our community classes regularly.

Keeping good health is important during this critical period. AYC has made alternate arrangements to support your yoga practice to maintain good health.  Continue to keep up your yoga practice and stay healthy both physically and mentally.

A therapeutic sequence of gentle yoga poses combined with breathing techniques will be taught in this class that can help destress and detox.

Classes are held online:

Every Tue - 12 - 12.30 pm - Pranayama & Meditation

Every Thur - 8 - 8.30 pm - Destress Yoga

Every Sat - 5 - 6 pm - Yoga Therapy

Every Sun - 6.15 - 7.15 pm - Restorative Yoga
Please note the schedule for all the classes are in Hong Kong Time =GMT+ 8

ANDIAPPAN瑜伽社區(ANDIAPPAN YOGA COMMUNITY,AYC)特別安排了網上瑜伽課程,以支援那些定期參與我們社區瑜伽課堂的學生。在這段艱難的時期,保持健康尤為重要。AYC已準備網上課程,讓您繼續練習瑜伽,保持身心健康。課堂上會教授有療愈效果的柔和瑜伽動作,並結合呼吸技巧,幫助您減壓和排毒。


逢星期二 - 下午12時至12時30分 - 呼吸調息與冥想

逢星期四 - 下午8時至8時30分 - 舒壓瑜伽

逢星期六 - 下午5時至6時 - 瑜伽治療

逢星期日 - 下午6時15分至7時15分 - 修復瑜伽 所有課堂皆以香港時間 = GMT+8 為準

Who can Join this class? Eligibility : These classes are conducted for financially distressed and disadvantaged and give support to Physical and mental health for people suffering from anxiety, depression and other conditions arising from social distancing measures.

參加資格:瑜伽課是為有財務困難者, 有焦慮、抑鬱或其他受社交距離措施影響的人士,提供生理和心理上的支援

Teaching Language: Teachers can teach in English and Chinese


Guide Line 3: Online Class General Teaching guidelines:
  1. Volunteer teachers who wish to teach the online class at the Anahata Yoga studio, please visit 8/F Admin office and teach at the private room. 
  2. Arrive 10 mins before the start of the class and switch on the TV and login with the relevant zoom link. 
  3. If you need help, please use the phone and call 33 (Anahata yoga reception) one of our reception staff can come to assist you. 
  4. Please switch off the TV, Aircon, and the lights after the class. 
  5. Always teach basic and simple poses.
  6. Keep a consistency in the sequence, not necessary to change the sequence for each class.
  7. Keep regular self-practice/ discussion with experienced masters/ attending specialized courses and teach different groups of people will enhance your teaching knowledge.
  8. Teach the class with grounding and relaxing approach with breathing methods. Encourage a gentle and mindful practice.
  9. Understand that our target students are from different backgrounds with different body conditions and lifestyles. Most of them don’t have exposure to proper yoga class or have a full understanding of what is yoga. Hence our classes are aimed to provide a destress, relaxing and mindful practice for students at all levels. 
  10. Advanced poses, partner yoga poses, and inversions are not allowed to teach in any of the AYC community classes.
  11. Please do not exchange any personal information with the participants. 
  12. Avoid giving any medical advice or discussing personal matters with the participants. 
  13. Please write your class observation during your attendance registration in AYC app so that other students can understand the class and the students better. If you have any questions about the classes, please seek advice from the project leader of that project.
教學指引三: 網上瑜伽課堂
  1. 義工老師如需於Anahata的瑜伽室內教授網上瑜伽課,請預先聯絡Anahata接待處並預約房間。
  2. 請在課堂開始前十分鐘到達瑜伽室,使用房間內的電視或電腦登入Zoom及開始課堂。
  3. 如需協助,請使用房間內的電話並致電33(Anahata接待處) 聯絡職員。
  4. 上課後,請關閉電視/電腦,空調和燈光。
  5. 所有網上課堂,我們鼓勵義工老師教授基本和簡單的瑜伽動作。亦建議每位老師教授的課堂內容盡量保持一致,令同學能循序漸進地學習。
  6. 義工老師需多自修和練習,向經驗豐富的老師學習,持續進修,透過教導不同的學生,增加及累積經驗。
  7. 義工老師應多鼓勵同學練習瑜伽中能使人放鬆的呼吸法,老師亦應耐心及溫和地教導學生。
  8. 了解及尊重學生們來自不同背景,具有不同的身體狀況和生活方式,而大多數同學對瑜伽亦沒有充分的理解。因此我們的課堂宗旨是為各階層的學生提供一些減壓,放鬆和正念的練習。
  9. 所有AYC課堂應避免教授雙人瑜伽,任何高難度及倒立動作。
  10. 請不要與學生交換任何個人資料。
  11. 避免提供任何醫學上的建議或討論任何個人問題及身體狀況。
  12. 義工老師請於AYC的應用程式上寫下你所教授的課堂資料和感想,讓其他學生能更理解課堂內容,和吸引更多同學參與。如您對課堂有任何疑問,請向該課堂的負責義工查詢。

AYC Volunteer Teachers who are interested to apply to teach in this project : Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Teachers those who have completed Yoga Teacher Training with International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong can apply to teach for this project.  Share the gift of yoga and help us in fulfilling AYC’s mission. Your enthusiasm and help are greatly appreciated. Before you apply to teach in this project, Please make sure you are available on on Mondays to Fridays and comfortable to teach in front of a camera.  Teachers will be rotated based on availability and to give variety to the students. 

有興趣申請為此計劃義教之AYC義工:已完成香港INTERNATIONAL YOGA ACADEMY瑜伽教師培訓之ANDIAPPAN YOGA COMMUNITY義工可以申請為此計劃義教。一起分享瑜伽的恩賜,亦幫助我們實現AYC的使命。我們十分感激您的熱誠和幫助。申請為此計劃義教前,請確保您每星期一至五均有時間,並習慣在鏡頭前教授瑜伽。課堂將按老師的時間輪流安排老師,亦給予學生多元的學習體驗。

If you are a registered AYC volunteer Teacher you are eligible to assist/ teach in this program, please follow these steps:
  1. Log-in to the AYC website (yogacommunity.org)
  2. Under “My Profile”, click “Ongoing Projects”
  3. Find (Online Yoga class for ALL), and select “I would like to apply”
  4. Please wait for the admin to add you to the WhatsApp group before you start assisting / teaching.
  1. 登入AYC網站(yogacommunity.org);
  2. 點擊「My Profile」,然後選擇「Ongoing Projects」;
  3. 找到「Online Yoga class for ALL」,然後選擇「I would like to apply」;
  4. 開始教授瑜伽或協助教學之前,請等候職員將您加入相關Whatsapp群組。

For students who are interested to join this online class please follow the steps below.
    1. Visit this link https://www.yogacommunity.org/student-enrollment/
    2. Find AYC Class "Online Yoga class for ALL" in the Project list.
    3. Fill in the details and upon submitting the form you will receive an email that contains the details of the class.
    4. Please download yogacommunity app in Apple app store here  or Google play store here and enter the login details sent in the email.
    5. Please Whatsapp your name and email address to +852 6214 8847 and we will send you a Free Online Class Link to your WhatsApp number directly every week.
    6. Remember to login to zoom 10 mins before the class. Please register with your login name same as AYC website and do not share the meeting ID with others.
  1. 瀏覽網站https://www.yogacommunity.org/student-enrollment/
  2. 於「Student Enrollment Form」選擇 Project 「Online Yoga class for ALL」
  3. 填妥表格所需資料,按「Enroll」提交申請後會收到課堂資料的電郵;
  4. 請於 Apple app storeGoogle play store 下載 Yogacommunity 應用程式,然後輸入以上電郵中的登入資料
  5. 請連同您的姓名及電郵地址 Whatsapp 到+852 6214 8847,我們將會每星期透過Whatsapp傳送免費瑜伽課的ZOOM鏈接給您。
  6. 記得在課堂開始前10分鐘登入Zoom。請以您在 AYC 網站登記的名稱登入,不要和他人分享會議ID。
Every Tue - 12 - 12.30 pm - Pranayama & Meditation Every Thur - 8 - 8.30 pm - Destress Yoga Every Sat - 5 - 6 pm - Yoga Therapy Every Sun - 6.15 - 7.15 pm - Restorative Yoga (Please note the schedule for all the classes are in Hong Kong Time =GMT+ 8) 逢星期二 - 下午12時至12時30分 - 呼吸調息與冥想 逢星期四 - 下午8時至8時30分 - 舒壓瑜伽 逢星期六 -下午5時至6時 - 瑜伽治療 逢星期日 - 下午6時15分至7時15分 - 修復瑜伽 (所有課堂皆以香港時間 = GMT+8 為準)
Zoom Online Platform ZOOM網上平台
Register through our AYC website. Participants must register in AYC website first to get the ZOOM Meeting ID link via email. 通過 AYC 網站登記。參加者必須先按要求登記,方可通過電郵收到 ZOOM 會議賬號和網址。
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I have completed my 500hrs ytt with anahata yoga and hoping to serve the community through AYC!

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