Online Yoga Therapy Class for New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Since 17 July 2021

17 July 2021 to 15 September 2021
Online via Zoom
To participate in this class, please kindly contact New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Carol Leung
I have completed my 500hrs ytt with anahata yoga and hoping to serve the community through AYC!
Carol Leung
Vienna Mak
Law Stella
Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 14 September 2022

About this Project:

The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association was formed by Dr. Stella Liu and a group of people in recovery (PIR) of mental illness in 1959.

They strive to promote mental wellness for people in recovery of mental illness and their families and the general public with the ultimate goal of equal opportunities, social inclusion, acceptance and full participation for all in the community.

Promoting “Recovery” and “Body & Mind Wellness” has always been the core values of their services. Using a wide variety of community psychiatric rehabilitation services, they endeavour to help people in recovery of mental illness lead independent lives, make their employment choices in alignment with their own interests and abilities, obtain employment in the open labour market, participate in social and leisure activities in the community and, ultimately, attain a desirable quality of living to live out a life characterized by holistic good health and body-mind equilibrium. For more details about The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, please visit:

Andiappan Yoga Community is invited as a Yoga partner by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to promote Yoga as one of the rehabilitation methods for people in recovery from mental illness and introduce Yoga as a therapeutic and overall physical exercise.

How does medical rehabilitation yoga benefit this group?

The Yoga practices include some basic movements, breathing, relaxation, and meditation. All these elements contribute to improving physical and mental health and performance, stress and emotional responsiveness, regulation and awareness, cognitive behavior, and elements of deeper spiritual connection such as life purpose and meaning.

Some key findings from several studies* which have used neuroimaging techniques to measure brain activity and changes in brain structure and chemical activity by practicing yoga regularly:

  1. Improved levels of concentration, attention, and focus;
  2. Enhanced memory and adaptive behaviors for problem-solving;
  3. Lower levels in indicators of stress, anxiety, and mood disorders; and,
  4. Indicators of enhanced self-regulation of stress and anxiety.

(*The Meditative Mind: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of MRI Studies. Boccia M, Piccardi L, Guariglia P. Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:419808)

For students: How to sign up?

This is class is only open to beneficiaries of patients at New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

For AYC volunteers: Interested in volunteering for this project?

Learn more about how to Get Involved as an AYC Volunteer and apply for this project.


網上瑜伽治療課 – 新生精神康復會




Andiappan Yoga Community 被邀請為 新生精神康復會 的院友及康復者提供瑜伽練習課堂。透過練習瑜伽,幫助精神病康復者面對身心上的康復挑戰,及透過持續性的練習,強化身體機能, 為身心帶來健康, 為他們的復康路上提供更多支援。


由幾項研究項目* 發現,練習瑜伽對大腦活動,以及大腦結構和化學活動能產生以下變化:

  1. 提高注意力和專注度;
  2. 增強強記憶力和解決問題的適應性行為;
  3. 壓力、焦慮和情緒障礙指標水平較低;和,
  4. 壓力和焦慮的自我調節能力增強。