AYC class for Primary School Children at Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School, 保良局陸慶濤小學—小學生瑜伽課程

Child and adolescent mental health is an essential part of overall health. Having a good start in life will help children and adolescents fulfil their potential, develop lifelong resilience to adversity and improve future life chances. On the contrary, children and adolescents with poor mental health are more likely to have academic underachievement, leading to poor employment status and social failure after growing up, and dependency on medical and social systems. Promoting the mental health of children and adolescents is for the benefit of the children and adolescents, their families and society as a whole.

Mental health problem is a major public health concern in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey 2010-2013 conducted by the Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey Team revealed that the prevalence of common mental disorders among Chinese adults aged from 16 to 75 was 13.3%. The most common disorders were mixed anxiety and depressive disorder (6.9%), followed by generalised anxiety disorder (4.2%), depressive episode (2.9%), and other anxiety disorders including panic disorders, all phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder (1.5%).

According to the Behavioural Risk Factor Survey conducted by the Department of Health (DH) in 2014, 4.8% of the general public aged between 18 and 64 could be classified as having severe non-specific psychological distress. Due in part to better awareness and detection of mental health problems, the demand for Hospital Authority’s (HA) services has been on the rise, as evident in the increase in the number of patients with mental illness under its care from about 187 000 in 2011-12 to over 226 000 in 2015- 16.

In addition, mental health problem of children and adolescents is an increasing concern in Hong Kong. The early stage of life presents an important opportunity to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders as up to 50% of mental disorders in adults begin before the age of 14 years.

A local study presented the respective prevalence estimates of anxiety disorders (6.9%), oppositional defiant disorder (6.8%), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (3.9%), conduct disorder (1.7%), depressive disorders (1.3%), and substance use disorders (1.1%) among high school adolescents. Authoritarian parenting, low parental warmth and high maternal over-control are associated with mental health problems including suicidal ideation among adolescents in Hong Kong.


精神健康是香港公共衛生一個需要關注的重大問題。根據香港精神健康調查所進行之《香港精神健康調查 2010-2013》,年齡介乎16至75歲的華裔成人當中,一般精神病的患病率為13.3%。最常見的精神病是混合焦慮抑鬱症(6.9%),其次是廣泛性焦慮症(4.2%)、抑鬱症(2.9%)及其他類型的焦慮症,包括驚恐症、各類恐懼症和強迫症(1.5%)。 




As one of the largest charities in Hong Kong, Po Leung Kuk has more than 300 units providing a wide spectrum of services, including educational services, social services, recreational services and cultural services.

On educational services, Po Leung Kuk has 95 units which are operating on a non-profit making basis. The yoga projects in Po Leung Kuk schools comprise (i) regular weekly class for primary school students and (ii) yoga fun event for students (primary schools/kindergartens) and their parents. Students are encouraged to experience yoga, maintain physical strength and build up positive mindset. It is expected that yoga exercises will help students cope with stress more effectively.

AYC has collaborated with Po Leung Kuk to offer Mindfullness, Yoga, Meditation techniques  for kindergarten, primary school students.Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School is a primary school located in Tseung Kwan O in Hong Kong. It is a boys-and-girls primary school using Chinese as the first language. It was established by Po Leung Kuk in 1988.

Yoga Teacher Training Graduates who are certified by International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong, and successfully completed  Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course, and Meditation Course will be teaching at this project. Volunteers who are interested to teachin in this project can apply through the volunteer admin panel.






已獲「香港國際瑜伽學院」認證,並完成兒童瑜伽教師培訓課程及冥想課程之 AYC 義工均可申請參與。有意義教此項目者,請聯絡AYC職員申請。

Project Name and Nature: AYC class for Primary School Children at Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School


Venue: Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories, Hong Kong

Class Schedule: Every Monday 2.15 – 3.15 pm



Who can teach in this project: Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Teachers those who have completed a minimum of 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course, 100hrs Kids yoga Teacher Training Course, Pranayama and Meditation teacher training course with International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong can apply for this project.  Share the gift of yoga and help us in fulfilling AYC’s mission. Your enthusiasm and help are greatly appreciated.  

義工導師資格:已至少完成「香港國際瑜伽學院」200小時教師培訓課程、100小時兒童瑜伽教師培訓課程及呼吸調息與冥想教師培訓課程之 AYC 義工,均可申請。感激你的熱誠和參與,實踐 AYC 的使命,分享瑜伽的恩澤。

If you are a registered AYC volunteer you are eligible to assist/ teach in this program, please follow these steps:

  1. Send your HKID copy and residential address to admin@yogacommunity.org
  2. Log-in to the AYC website (yogacommunity.org) 
  3. Under “My Profile”, click “Ongoing Projects”
  4. Find AYC class for Primary School Children at Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School , and select “I would like to apply”
  5. Please wait for the admin to add you to the WhatsApp group before you start assisting / teaching.

You must complete a pllice verification process to be able to assist and teach in this project. This is a requirment for all teachers teaching at the school.

Upon completion of the verification you will be invited to assit / teach in this project.


  1. 發送您的香港身份證副本及住址到admin@yogacommunity.org
  2. 登入AYC網站(yogacommunity.org);
  3. 點擊「My Profile」,然後選擇「Ongoing Projects」;
  4. 找到「AYC class for Primary School Children at Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School」,然後選擇「I would like to apply」;
  5. 開始教授瑜伽或協助教學之前,請等候職員將您加入相關Whatsapp群組



For more information about this class please WhatsApp to AYC official WhatsApp admin Number: +852 6674 2710

如欲查詢本計劃詳情,可發送WhatsApp信息聯絡AYC職員:+852 6674 2710。