Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

About this Project:

Andiappan Yoga Community partners with the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation to share yoga with people who live with HIV.

“I am very excited to begin this program. You would never know the participants live with a chronic illness. They look more fit and healthier then most people; you can see that they take care of themselves. And I was really impressed with their attitude; you can feel their zest for life and see that they live in the moment.” – Master Yoganath Andiappan

When: Wednesdays from 8 to 9 p.m.
Where: 5/F Shau Kei Wan Jockey Club Clinic, 8, Chai Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

For more information on the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, please visit: www.aids.org.hk