Mother’s Choice, Hong Kong

Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

About this Project:

Andiappan Yoga Community partners with Mother’s Choice to teach yoga to unwed, expectant mothers.

“At the end of my advanced yoga teacher training course, Master Yogananth explained how the Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) provides opportunities to give back to society while also enhancing our teaching skills. So I signed up to teach yoga at Mother’s Choice and have been teaching there ever since. Being part of AYC gives me the opportunity to spread the benefits of yoga, especially to those without the means or access to a yoga studio. Thank you AYC!” – Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Teacher Bo Thong

When: Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Where: 42B Kennedy Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
Transport: Taxi or green minibus #28
Requirements: Approval by Mother’s Choice, prenatal training, and Cantonese-speaking female preferred

Mother’s Choice is a non-profit organization that provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes, and for single girls and their family facing crisis pregnancies.

For more information about Mother’s Choice, please visit: