Yoga for Mental Health – Parent & Child Richmond Fellowship HK

Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

About this Project:

The Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong (RFHK) was established in 1984 as a non-profit making registered charity. It is affiliated to the Richmond Fellowship International, a world-wide network of self-governing non-profit organization which shares the common aim of promoting good community care practice in the field of mental health.

Yoga helps children and youth develop healthy responses to the chaotic world around them. It also helps them deal with their own emotional responses to the world. The idea is to encourage children & youth to use these techniques whenever they need to find calm, refocus their energy, and concentrate on specific tasks.

Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) is pleased to partner with the Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong in providing free yoga classes to the children and youth between 6-17 years old, and their parents.

This course will be focusing on group and partner yoga poses and sharing activities, parents & children learn how to support one another, both physically and emotionally. As a result, trust is built and bonds between parents and children are deepened.  Along with proper breathing, these poses also calm the mind and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, learning body awareness and memory supporting children & youth’s physical wellbeing.




AYC 很高興能與香港利民會合作,為6至17歲的兒童和青少年及其父母提供免費瑜伽課程。

此課程將通過小組和合作的瑜伽姿勢和分享活動,父母和孩子可以學習如何在身體和情感上互相支持。 從而建立了信任,加深了父母與孩子之間的感情交流。同時配合適當的呼吸法,讓頭腦平靜,減輕壓力,焦慮和沮喪,並且能學會留意身體意​​識以及增強記憶力,全面支援兒童和青少年身心健康。

Student Feedback:

非常好的親子運動,多謝教導! – 課堂參與家庭

瑜伽活動很好,動作亦好適合初學者和小朋友亦可以參與,謝謝老師幫忙照顧小朋友。 – 課堂參與家庭

我和囡囡參加了這活動好開心和心情都放鬆了,好多謝您們的教導和用心,謝謝。 – 課堂參與家庭

我話囡囡玩得非常開心,可促進親子關係。– 課堂參與家庭

兩堂瑜伽好開心,好鍾意導師的悉心教導方法。– 課堂參與家庭

親子互動非常好,小朋友玩得好開心,可以釋放情緒。– 課堂參與家庭

感受到參加運動之後人放鬆了,平躺靜下來慢慢聽着導師的講解,人放鬆了,壓力減輕了。– 課堂參與家庭

Project Name and Nature:  Yoga Class for “Mental Health Smarties” from Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong


Venue: Online Session Conducted via Zoom or RFHK – Wong Tai Sin Centre


Date: 17 April 2021 & 24 April 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (please log in at least 10 minutes before class)

日期:2021年4月17日 和4月24日(星期六)

時間: 上午11:00 – 下午12:30 (請於活動舉行10分鐘前登入Zoom)

Teaching Language: Teachers will teach in Cantonese.   This can be arranged once the teaching volunteers are added to the WhatsApp group.

教學語言: 導師會用廣東話授課,詳情將於項目WhatsApp群組內安排。

Who can teach in this project: Andiappan Yoga Community Volunteer Teachers those who have completed Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong can apply for this project.  Share the gift of yoga and help us in fulfilling AYC’s mission. Your enthusiasm and help are greatly appreciated. Before you apply to teach in this project, please make sure you are available on 17 & 24 April 2021.

義工導師資格: 已完成[香港國際瑜伽學院-瑜伽治療法]教師培訓課程之 AYC 義工均可申請參與。

感激你的熱誠和參與,實踐 AYC 的使命,分享瑜伽的恩澤。


If you are a registered AYC volunteer you are eligible to assist/ teach in this program, please follow these steps: Log-in to the AYC website ( Under “My Profile”, click “Ongoing Projects” Find (Yoga Class for “Mental Health Smarties” from Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong), and select “I would like to apply” Please wait for the admin to add you to the WhatsApp group before you start assisting / teaching. If you need any assistance please WhatsApp to AYC’s official WhatsApp Account +852 6214 8847

已登記為AYC義教者:您可以申請為本計劃教授瑜伽或協助教學。請完成以下步驟: 登入AYC網站(; 點擊「My Profile」,然後選擇「Ongoing Projects」; 找到「Yoga class for “Mental Health Smarties” from Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong」,然後選擇「I would like to apply」; 開始教授瑜伽或協助教學之前,請等候職員將您加入相關Whatsapp群組。 如需協助,請Whatsapp到AYC官方帳戶 +852 6214 8847


Notes: This class open to RFHK member only and people those who would like to attend the class can approach the admin office of Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong to attend this yoga session.

注意: 活動只開放予已註冊瑜伽班的會員,如欲申請,請聯絡利民會報名(地址:香港北角百福道21號18樓1801室)