Smita Bajpai
Hong Kong
My journey with yoga started with very childhood, The very 1st introduction of yoga was going to stadium in University of  Delhi  every summer and doing yoga on a green grass, Through attending many spiritual retreats like Art of living, ShivYog and Inner Engineering  I was amazed to see that breathing technique is an important  part of yogic techniques and I really liked them as I myself realized that breathing helps clear the mind. When listened to, your breath can be your true teacher. There is a deep connection between the breath and the mind. As one of the goals of yoga is to become self-aware and conscious. Through controlling the breath and keep it steady we learn to control our intuitive reactions in the most unexpected situations of the everyday life.While practicing breathing techniques went through the following yoga courses as well 1)RADIANT CHILD YOGA IMMERSION PROGRAMME (LEVEL1), 2) 200 hrsYOGA TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE COURSE AT ANAHATA YOGA HK, 3)worked with adults on breathing techniques and yoga. For me yoga is a state which leads you to create new world of your own, may it be a new world of yoga, may it be a new world of painting, may it be a new world of poetry, it can be anything that's how we say it is union with God as the creator works through us when we are in Yog.